Mapping the Location

Area views of the Cemetery premises: 7082/7083/7084/7085

HART, Cordie M., 8 Jul 1856 - 17 May 1875.  7079/7081/7082
JOHNSON, Infant daughter of W. M. & M. E., 1 Jul 1856 - 11 Jul 1857. 7080/7082

If this were a larger cemetery, which it has been reported it was in the past, it is no longer recognizable as such.

2011 Note: I stopped at this house and asked about the permission to visit and whereabouts of this cemetery. I was taken to the owners front yard flower bed. Only the owner knew the stones were there. The two remaining stones were fallen into the ground and had sank below the surface. I dug them up and stood them against the nearest tree. The lady was pleasant and said she did not mind or at least did not object to this. She also said the stones were like that when she moved onto the property several years ago. I guess cemetery enthusiast should be thankful that the land owner was given a bad situation turned it into a flower garden.

1986 Note: It was reported by a Mr. Garrett that several years ago, a lady, unknown to him, came to the cemetery and removed several tombstones. Where she took them remains a mystery. He does not know where they were taken nor anything of the missing stones.

Photographed by C. Wayne Austin 29 Sep 2011.This publication culminated from various sources. First it was compiled by Faye Bradford, 3 Feb 2012.  Listed on page 169 of the book Giles County Cemeteries by the Historical Society about 1988. Added here 9 Jun 2012 by CWA.

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