GILL CEMETERY, (Hawthorn Hill Road) Bedford County TENNESSEE
Mapping The Location

Cemetery overview: 2300/2302/2303/2313/2315/2316
Gill Family Monument -
In memory of the W.W. Gill Family - We all do fade as a leaf.  2308/2309/2314
Historic home about 1 mile south of the Gill Cemetery along Hawthorn Hill Road: 2296
Historic home likely the old Gill Family home: 2298

GILL, Alexander M., 13 Oct 1781 - 3 Sep 1868, age: 86y, 10m, 21d.  (Stone not found but I was not aware I missed  photography of the inscription that day, could be an unmarked grave.) 2316
GILL, Mary, 17 Jun 1779 - 4 Dec 1851, age: 72y, 5m, 17d., wife of Alexander Gill.  (Stone not found but I was not aware I missed photography of the inscription that day, could be an unmarked grave.) 2316

GILL, John J., 26 May 1841 - 8 May 1918 Son of W.W. & S.A. Gill. 2310
GILL, Sue S., 16 Dec 1845 - 17 Mar 1912, daughter of Rev. A. S. & S. H. Riggs, Died in Orlando, Fla., Married 8 Feb 1870. 2310

GILL, Martha, 8 Oct 1848 - 17 Dec 1849.age: 1y, 2m, 9d., Child of W. W. & S. A. Gill.  2307
GILL, Sallie, 13 Oct 1851 - 18 Sep 1862, age: 10y, 11m, 5d., Child of W. W. & S. A. Gill.  2307

GILL, Sallie, 29 Aug 1872 - 7 Jan 1874, Age 1 yr, 4 Mo. 9 D. Infant daughter of J. J. & S. R. Gill.  2312

GILL, Winston W., 10 Mar 1809 - 10 Mar 1902, Born in Adair Co. Ky.  They rest from their labors & their works do follow them. 2305/2308/2314

GILL, Henrietta B., 28 Sep 1829 - 29 Jan 1881, wife of W. W. Gill. 2304

GILL, Winston W., 5 Sep 1853 - 22 Mar 1875, son of W. W. & S. A. Gill, Died while attending school at the University of Va.  2306

GILL, Winston, W.
, 1 Apr 1875 - 11 Feb 1877, Age 1 Year, 10 Months, & 11 days, son of John J. & Sue Riggs Gill.  2311

This Cemetery is located on part of the old James McKissick North Carolina Land Grant that was later purchased by George Waite, who sold a part of it to W. W. Gill.
The Alexander & Mary Gill monuments could be the very old type that perished. I do not believe their inscription were on the back side of the tall family monument. See #2316.
Here is my assessment of what was found on this monument: East side: In memory of the W.W. Gill Family  |   West Side:  (Nothing-Can be seen on a blow up of Photo #2316, not visible on this site).  | North Side:  We all do fade as a leaf.
South Side:  (An epithet which I missed photographing,  it is long & of a poetic nature. Slightly visible in #2305). Maybe their tombstone is not here and they are interred in unmarked graves or maybe their tombstone fell and sunk into the ground. The third possibility is that their tombstone and grave are located somewhere else on their place. The third possibility is discounted by the knowledge that this graveyard was founded at least as early as 1849 when the child Martha died. This is before Alexander and Mary died.

This Cemetery presentation is based on the photography of C. Wayne Austin dated 8 Feb 2011. Added here 24 Oct 2011 by WA. Some typing by Faye Bradford.
Also listed in the book Cemeteries of Bedford County Tennessee by Tim & Helen Marsh. Page 289

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