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Old white section

Overviews of the old black section:
8778/stones are sparse here with many unmarked graves present:8779/8796

BROWN, Helen, 1920 - 1938. Daughter 8794
BROWN, Sallie, no dates.
GILBERT, Alex, no dates.
GILBERT, Alexander, 1840 - 1913.
GILBERT, Hanna, 1 May 1839 (or 1879) - 31 Dec 1924, wife of Alax Gilbert. Mother
(stone almost unreadable, broken so badly, it would not stand for photography) 8785
GILBERT, Alvie, 1838 - 1923.
GILBERT, Amee, B. 1815 - d 24 May 1878; born in Year (?).
GILBERT, Amos, Oct 1846 - Oct 1896.
GILBERT, Will, 1918 - 1931.
GILBERT, Mable,, 1914 - 1931. 
GILBERT, Annie, 1814 - 1878.
GILBERT, Calmace, 1 Feb 1891 - 15 Jan 1919.
GILBERT, Charlie, 15 Oct 1841 - 16 Mar 1910.
GILBERT, Evaline, d. 3 Apr 1887, Aged 47 years, wife of Charlie Gilbert.
GILBERT, Charley, 22 Jun 1910 - 3 Dec 1910, son of Charlie Gilbert.
GILBERT, Daniel, d. 12 Feb 1892.
GILBERT, Dina, Jan 1848 - Jan 1896.
GILBERT, Dick R., no dates.
GILBERT, Dock, no dates.
GILBERT, Edna "Talk", 1870 - 1940 In memory of the Norwood
GILBERT, Edith, no dates given, wife of J. Nick Gilbert.
GILBERT, Elsia McRee, no marker.
GILBERT, Ezra Dock, no dates.
GILBERT, Henry, no dates.
GILBERT, J. N. E., d. 1984.
GILBERT, John, no dates.
GILBERT, John Ander, no dates.
GILBERT, John N., d. 12 Dec 1906, aged about 70 years. Thy trials ended Thy rest is won. Obelisk monument fallen.
GILBERT, Vergie & Mary, died Jan 1884, children of J. N. & E. Gilbert.
GILBERT, Lennard, no dates.
GILBERT, Lizzie, 1888 - 1951.
GILBERT, Lula, 1894 - 1943.
GILBERT, Lula, no dates.
GILBERT, Luther, 11 Mar 1898 - 29 Oct 1918.
GILBERT, Mamie, no dates.
GILBERT, Marion, 1903 - 1930.
GILBERT, Monday, no dates.
GILBERT, Pall, no dates.
GILBERT, Pearl, no dates.
GILBERT, Quill, no dates.
GILBERT, Rubin, no dates.
GILBERT, Sarah Legg, no dates.
GILBERT, Susie, no dates.
GILBERT, Sykes, no dates.
GILBERT, Uifia, no dates.
GILBERT, Vina, 18 Jan 1848 - Jan 1893.
GILBERT, Vina, 28 Apr 1843 - 13 Sep 1909.
GILBERT, William, 22 Nov 1878 - 10 May 1941, Aged 62 years. mentions wife and children. (large concrete marker
) Remember friends as you pass by, As you are now so once was I, As I am now so you must be. Prepare for death and follow me. 8788
GILBERT, William, d. 15 Sep 1899, age 17 yrs, 2 mos, 28 days.
GILBERT, William, no dates.
GRIGSBY, Dave, 1885 - 1948.
HAGAN, Gilbert, 8 Jan 1901 - 26 Oct 1934. (previous sources has this as Gilbert Hagan. Tombstone implies Hagan Gilbert.)
HAGAN, John N., 7 Mar 1892 - 14 Jul 1925. Father.
HOGAN, L. H., 25 Dec 1868 - 31 Oct 1920, (Stone erected by J. A. Hogan).
JOHNSON, Jessie, no dates.
McDONALD, Hess, no dates.
McDONALD, no dates.
McDONALD, Marthy, no dates.
NELSON, Anderson, 10 Mar 1856 - 22 Nov 1922.
NELSON, Uner, 8 Nov 1898 - 10 Nov 1908, daughter of E. & M. Nelson.
WHITE, Artilia, 1884 - 1958.
WHITE, Elton, 1936 - 1954.
WHITE, Gilbert, Jr., 1938 - 1954.
WHITE, Octavie, 1900 - 1952.
WHITE, Guy, 1878 - 1957.
WHITE, Henery, no dates.
WHITE, Jeff, no dates.
WHITE, Luella, no dates.
WHITE, Teash, no dates.
WHITEHEAD, Bub, d. 1942.
WHITEHEAD, John, d. 10 Feb 1931.

Unknown tombstone fallen face down - inscription on underside of rock:

It is my opinion that the above listing has more than one source and therefore may have duplication in it. For instance maybe a John Gilbert with a tombstone and dates may be the same listing as John Gilbert no dates or other information. We chose not to guess at elimination of duplication due to inability to get that right. Main source was the book Giles County Tennessee Cemeteries, but updates were made with tombstone information that showed any changes. Of course as some stones have been broken we included the information from the listing in the book unverified.

This great old cemetery was apparently unique in its time as both white Gilbert family members and friends are buried there as well as Gilbert slaves and their descendants. Former slave Mintie Gilbert Wood made this statement when interviewed about being a slave of Cary Gilbert, Thomas' son, "...he has his own graveyard where everyone of us black or white dat ever been in de Gilbert family can be buried without costing us a penny."

Descendants of the slaves maintained the cemetery well into the 20th century, but as more and more have moved away and time has passed, it has long since become overgrown. The fence has been felled by trees on occasion, but makeshift repairs have been made by someone. Now only the new black section is being actively maintained.

Visited & photographed 7 Feb 2012 by Wayne Austin. Initial typing by Faye Bradford. Added to this site 2 Oct 2012 by C. Wayne Austin. Also published in the book Giles County Cemeteries, Page 145-147 by the Historical Society about 1985. Presented on with most of the listings, a few were omitted and others included that I did not find because there were unmarked or not interred here. Also on the old cemetery was co-mingled between African Americans and whites. However I cannot say that is precise included above either. Generally blacks keep their own graveyards which are unique to their old culture with some exceptions.

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