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This map shows the GPS coordinates of the George (FA) Cemetery.

Go out Hwy 64 west toward Pulaski and turn left on Old Elkton Pike. Follow that thru Dellrose and when the road dips down to the furtherest southern position look left down a slope for a farm road running beside a shed with tractor implements & equipment. With Permission to get thru the gate follow that farm road south about a 1/4 mile along side a spring branch and there will be a upland stand of woods on your right. Continue to follow the farm road until the trees on your right ends and then abandon your vehicle and walk due west crossing the creek and up the fairly steep climb to the top of the hill. The cemetery is in the woods about 200 feet from the south end of the trees and the trees also span about 100 feet east & west on either side of the cemetery, but on the side you came from is a steep bank you just climbed.

This aerial map shows among many cemeteries the George Cemetery off of the steep southern bend in Hwy 273 aka Old Elkton Pike.
Mapping from ACME Mapping 2.0, MS Streets & Trips & Google mapping. Modified and added here 10 Mar 2014 by C. Wayne Austin.