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Mapping the Location

Area View: 3857, 3859, 3860, 3861, 3862, 3863
Nearby old Garret House: 3864

GARRETT, George, 30 Mar 1768 - 18 Jan 1832. 3844, 3845
GARRETT, Elenor, 12 Nov 1773 - 12 Jan 1849. 3846, 3847
GARRETT, Ann, (b. & ) d. 31 Dec 1887, "daughter or Benjamin & Irene Garrett.", "Blessed are the pure in heart. For they shall see God." 3836
GARRETT, Benjamin, 13 May 1810 - 26 Feb 1888. 3837
GARRETT, Irena, 25 Nov 1810 - 9 Oct 1857. "wife of Benjamin Garrett & daughter of O. Pinson."* 3838 
GARRETT, Carrie, d. 5 Apr 1907, "Youngest dau. of Benjamin & Irene Garrett.", "Peaceful be thy silent slumber." 3848
GARRETT, George, d. 10 Apr 1908. "Son of Benjamin and Irene Garrett.", "Aged about 72 years.", "He served four years in the Confederate Army in Virginia, First Tenn Reg. First year a Private and then a Lieut. He was seriously wounded at the Battle of Gettysburg from which he never entirely recovered.", "He spent the rest of his life with his father and sisters and in death rest nearby them."  3840, 3843   
GARRETT, Kate, d. 25 Nov 1908. "daughter of Benjamin and Irene Garrett.", "At rest." 3841, 3842, 3843
GARRETT, Fines, 10 Sep 1828 - 20 Jan 1843. 3854, 3855
GARRETT, Mary, 1 Dec 1833 - 20 Jul 1856. "Daughter of B. & Irena Garrett." 3839
GARRETT, Nathan Pinson, d. 3 Aug 1888. "son of Benjamin & Irene Garrett.", "Age 49 years.", "Born here, lived in Cameron Texas 20 years. Practiced Law, made an honorable name, was well known, and highly esteemed, and respected by all the citizens of that place and where ever known."," This monument is erected to his memory with money received from his estate by his sisters Kate & Carre Garrett."  3849, 3850     
PINSON, Dr. Obadiah, 26 Oct 1779 - 18 May 1849. 3853, 3856
PINSON, Sally, 2 Sep 1796 - 24 Dec 1863. (wife of Obadiah (Pinson). Inscribed as: "to tha mamory of Sally Pinson boRN SaptaMBar 2nd 1796 dieb DeceMBR 24th 1863." 3851, 3852

Unknown section of a fallen memorial: 3858

This cemetery saddens me greatly. It is abandoned and viciously grown up in brush. Even though there is a rock wall surrounding it to protect it from the livestock the vegetative growth is an equally vicious destroyer inside the cemetery premise. So vicious that the stones are being toppled by large trees and brush crowding them out and uprooting the balance of the stones toppling and breaking them up. We are quick to cite vandals as destroyers of cemeteries and they are, but this cemetery is a prime example of a cemetery being slowly destroyed by excessive and out of control vegetation. A good application of Roundup will help here for a couple of years, but first one must determine if that is OK to use around the horses and livestock in the surrounding field. 

One sometimes wonders what brings folks with different surname backgrounds together. In this case the Pinsons & Garretts interred in this cemetery. If we read into what the above cemetery is telling us the Garrets are the predominant family here. However Obadiah & Sally Pinson also pioneers here had a daughter who was Irena Pinson. Irena married Benjamin Garrett. So it appears Irena's parents the Pinsons' followed the Garretts' to this area (or were here already) and were thus invited to be buried in this the Garrett Cemetery along side the Garretts'. 

*The name on the marker is Irena not Irene.

Sources: Visited and photographed stones by Wayne Austin  20 Feb 2010.  Listing transcribed & edited by Mary Bob McClain. Typing by Faye Bradford, Jun 2010. Formatted and added here 24 Jun 2010 by Wayne Austin..  This cemetery also listed on page  139, Giles County Cemetery book by the Giles County Historical Society. 1989.