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FOWLER, Lucinda Perkins, 29 Jan 1816 - 27 Dec 1900, wife of J. L. Fowler. (headstone not found 2 Nov 2011; footstone next to J. L. Fowler without a headstone - no initials)
FOWLER, J. L., 6 May 1812 - 17 Feb 1888.

This (Lucinda Perkins) listing is from the book Cemetery of Marshall Co. Tn by Tim & Helen Marsh and is confirmed by [Robert T. Marbury 1 Jul 2014]

There has been confusion in the ancestry of several Fowler families and hopefully this will help clarify.

The wife of the John L. Fowler who is buried in Fowler Cemetery, Cornersville, TN, was Lucinda Perkins. They were married before 1836 and had a number of children. Two daughters, Elizabeth Duncan (25-Jul-1836 - 25-Mar-1926) and Jane Emerson (2-Oct-1840 14-Jan-1929) lived long enough that Tennessee death certificates with parent names were recorded. Jane Emerson's death certificate plainly states that her mother was "Lucinda Perkins" and her father "John L. Fowler". Jane Emerson is buried in Fowler Cemetery near her parents. The information as posted of the marriage of this John L. Fowler and Lucinda Perkins on is therefore proven correct. Elizabeth Duncan's death certificate gives her father's name as "John L. Fowler" and her mother as simply "Perkins" confirming Jane's information. Elizabeth is buried in Lewisburg, TN.

What has caused confusion is that a Lewis Fowler (many say John Lewis Fowler) married a Lucinda Perkins in Pike County, AL, 29-Jun-1836. However, they lived in Louisiana. He went by the name Lewis Fowler and is recorded that way in his marriage license and in the census.

The John L. Fowler who is buried in Fowler Cemetery near Cornersville, TN, lived in Marshall County, TN. At the same time the Lewis Fowler couple lived in Louisiana. The censuses for Tennessee and Louisiana from 1850 on verify they are not the same people. Jane (Fowler) Emerson, daughter of John L. Fowler of Marshall County, TN, was born less than a month after Lewis Fowler and Lucinda Perkins were married in Pike County, AL. Dozens if not hundreds of people have assigned the vital statistics dates of the Marshall County, TN Fowlers to the Louisiana Fowlers. They obviously are not the same people.

The John L. Fowler who married Lucinda "Mabary" in 1846 in Marshall County, TN is a totally different person from the above two John L. Fowlers and can be found living in Coffee County, TN, in 1870 and 1880. Some of their descendants have also erroneously assigned the vital statistics of the Marshall County, TN Fowlers to the Coffee County, TN Fowlers.

[Robert T. Marbury 1 Jul 2014]
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