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Nathan Bedford Forrest Project

Monument to James Cox - Oxford Cemetery              /                      Ely B Beard - Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

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Mission: Providing a Photo/GPS Locator Coordinates of the Graves/Monuments of as many Confederate Soldiers - as possible considering many soldiers died in battle without monuments and should be recognized. The blood of these gentleman & women courses gently in our veins to remind us that they stood against history for a cause they believed was right.

URL to ACME Mapper 2.0 for Capturing the location of GPS coordinates:

Some knowledge on converting the various methods of depicting a GPS reading. Take a typical reading such as this: N 35.29.48 by W.86.54.30. First convert it to this format: [ N 35 29' 48", W 86 54' 30"  ]. This makes ACME Mapper 2.0 and other GPS programs work for you to find for example Joe Gipson's grave shown here. However if you are running the ACME Mapper program in decimal mode (the most detailed format) do this to convert over: Operate on each numeral separately - from right to left - first use N (north) number and start on the 48 (of 35 29 48) and  divide the 48/60 = .800 then add the 29 and .8 to get 29.80. Next divide that 29.80 by 60 to equal .49667. Next  add the result to the 35 to become 35.49667. That is the Latitude completed. Now do the W (west) or longitude by dividing the 30 by 60 and adding the result to the 54 to become 54.50. Now divide that 54.50/60 to get .908333 and add this to the 86 to get 86.90833. Don't forget in some programs you must add a minus sign before the longitude or you will land somewhere in China. The final result is 35.49667 X -86.908333. This decimal format is the best one for accuracy as it takes you to within about 5 feet of the exact spot assuming there are no distortions in your satellite signal. You math whizzes can now see that to convert by going the other way one would just multiply by 60 and separate the result from the decimal for each of the three fields of each of the Lat. & Long. codes. (C. Wayne Austin 23 Oct 2013.)

As organized & conducted by Wes Pullen within a specific unit of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Programming as needed by C. Wayne Austin 1 Nov 2013.