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Mapping the Location

Area views of the Cemetery: 6782/6789/6790/6795/6796/6797/6798/6799/6800/6801
Spotting nearby Robinson Cem. - no inscribed stones out there: 6766/GPS Locator: 6767/Old (private) Home decaying near Robinson Cem: 6768
Spotting Pitts Cem near Yukon. Under he big Oak in the distance- no permission that day: 6769/GPS Locator:6770/nearby Carmago Church of Christ:6771/sign pointing out Prosperity ARP Church and Cemetery:6772

GIVENS, William, (born cir 22 Dec 1774 in North Carolina) - died 7 Jan 1857, aged 82y, & 15d. (Box tomb) 6786/6787/6788/6789
GIVENS, Margaret (Young Wiley)
, 15 Jan 1791 - 28 Apr 1861. dau of John Young & Mary Sarah Bicket Young; Married first Thomas Wiley then William Givens who lies beside her. (Box tomb) 6785/6784/6783/6789
GIVENS, Jane, (born cir 6 Apr 1779) - died 1 Jun 1840, aged 61y, 1m, 25d. (Box Tomb) 6793/6791/6792/6794
FIFE, Clark, son of W.B. Fife, (born cir 26 May 1894) - died 26 Jun 1895, age: ly & 11m. (unmarked grave, no stone found.)
FIFE, Elizabeth W. (Caughran), wife of William W. Fife, 16 Jun 1819 - 22 Feb 1881 age: 61y, 8m, 6d. 6778/6779/6780/6781
WELLS, Mary K. Fife, wife of J.D. Wells, 3 Dec 1842 - 8 Mar 1891. Her happy soul has winged its way to one pure bright eternal day.  (stone broken only name remains, no dates. except 3 of Dec) 6773/6774/6775

Unknown stone no readable inscription remains. Remains a fragment of an ". . .8." & what appears to be ". . . AR.": 6776/6777

For a cemetery so easily accessible this cemetery was found in bad shape. The stone of Elizabeth Fife was buried head first 3 feet into the ground and it was a job to dig and loosen it up enough to extract it then cover the hole left. The 2nd upright stone was broken in half and the top half with inscription was missing except for a couple of small fragments. third upright that of Mary K Wells was broken in the center so badly that only the name remained readable. The three box tombs were dismantled and scattered parts were everywhere with the top of the Jane Givens monument buried under other parts. It had to be extracted to show for the photos and one part only weigh abt 200# pounds. These box tombs have two ends two sides a base and a top where the inscription resides but all that is not so visible here.

This presentation is based on the photography of C. Wayne Austin 10 Apr 2013. A similar presentation, but without the photos was presented on page 481 Lincoln Co Cemeteries (book.) by Tim & Helen Marsh. Added here 14 Apr 2013.