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From the above map we are given the Evans-Angus Cemetery GPS location.

Location: Go south from Old Lynnville aka Waco 2 miles to the junction of Apple Hill Road and turn left or east into the field road which becomes the right of way to this cemetery and also serves the farmer access to his tillable crop land. Stop within 10 yards of the Highway and walk down the right of way and climb up left into the steps on into the cemetery. These steps are about a 100 yards from Highway 31. When I was there the land renter had posted a no trespassing sign. I think he is overstepping his bounds, but it is there to prevent hunters and others that trample on his crops & frighten his livestock. We want to do our best to properly interface with this owner no mater how temperamental. Mr. Arnold Williams currently owns this property. I understand he is not very tolerant of out-of-town graveyard visitors. This is a very large cemetery and it has a clear right of way and it would be easy to establish that in court if necessary, but hopefully none of that. You should be willing to sign a release form to visit here. A release form releases the land owners from liability from your accidents. Ugh! I hate that. Take responsibility for yourselves people or cower in your homes. That is my idea of how it should be otherwise Lawyers and landowners will drum us out of all the cemetery visitations. Can you blame the landowners. They don't want to be sued.

This Aerial Map shows the cemetery more clearly under a clump of trees. It is actually behind a house and being lightly maintained. There had been a storm there in the spring which blew limbs down and some of the cemetery was blocked by those but not so much to cause brush to grow up uncontrollably. The house in front of the cemetery has a fence bordering the property lines.  

Maps from Topozone & MS Streets & Trips & Google mapping sites, modified for this site by Wayne Austin, 27 Jul 2010.