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EUBANK CEMETERY, (Hanna Branch Road, west off of Hwy 166) GILES COUNTY TENNESSEE

This map shows the GPS coordinates of the Eubanks Cemetery. 

I am showing you a variety of maps because there are a bunch of looks and errors in the mapping of these roads to this cemetery. It is hard enough to find this cemetery without errors in mapping to deal with. This one above does not show the steep curves in the Hanna Branch Road. The Cemetery is within 100 yards of the road but this shows it around 500 yards from the road. The cemetery was plotted on the GPS coordinates to find its location on this map.

As far as I can tell this map gets as close as I can find to the truth. Directions: From the Hwy 64 (Pulaski bypass) go south on Hwy 166 (Bethel Road) about 7 miles. Turn right (west) on Hanna Road, and go about 2/3 of a mile and turn back left (south) on Hanna Branch Road. Wind up and down the hills and around the curves more than a mile and in a steep right bend in the road look left at a newly cleared utility easement (about 400 yards out) at an old chimney and beyond that a clearing about 500 yards from the road. Again there is an open field out from you where deer hunting is serious business with a deer stand etc. Near the road is a locked metal gate. If you use that you will need permission to go on this land. If you use the utility easement 40 yards further up the road you will be nearer the cemetery. So park there and walk in the direction (east) toward the old chimney following along under the power lines. About 1/2 way to the chimney turn 90 degrees right (facing south up the gentle slope & woods) and look for the stones just inside the forest. The cemetery will be south of you in the forest about 40 yards from you in the edge of the woods. Go in the winter time and you can see the stones on your eastward walk.

This map is to tie down this location if the roads are changed again. These are improved and graveled field roads that as of now are limestone gravel. One thing I could say in the above written instructions, if you start to climb up that long winding hill going past the cemetery. This hill is so steep now you are subject to spinning out in the gravel. In this case you have passed the cemetery location by about 200 yards. You can see the steepness of this hill on this map by the thick brown lines climbing up to elevation 900 feet. There is a house at the top of this hill where I found a man on the way to work who told me how to find this cemetery or I would have never found it. With my instructions it can now found easily enough though.
I offer you an alternative route to find this cemetery. Although the road names are OK the final instructions lands one at the locked gate and 300 yards from this cemetery whereas my instructions will get you within 200 yards from the road, when at the point you walk toward the cemetery: From Stella turn right on Gilbert-Curry Road. Follow that for more than a 1/2 mile to Hanna Branch Rd. turn left on Hanna Branch Rd to Chestnut Grove Community (Black Church on left), and go up and down hill about 1.2 miles, at the bottom of the hill look right and you will see a clearing following a utility right of way. The cemetery is on right side of that clearing in the woods up the hill. (N 35N 03.590 -W 87N 03.477 Elevation 740')

This aerial map shows the cemetery and some land marks that you can use to find it. It is typically a hard to find cemetery since you look into the woods and the stones are camouflaged inside the forest. So yes this is a winter time visit.

Looking up the recently cleared utility easement the cemetery is on our right into the woods from this location. We are looking eastward. The old chimney is visible but slightly hidden by a cedar tree out in front of the utility pole.

Looking up the slope about 50 yards into the woods where the cemetery is located. I have yellow pointers pointing out stones that are not so easy to spot from this photo because they are the same color as the woodland and also we are looking across the stones instead of directly toward them.
Mapping from Topozone MS Streets & Trips & MS Bing mapping & Google Modified and added here 2 Nov 2012 by C. Wayne Austin.