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EUBANK CEMETERY, (Hanna Branch Road, west off of Hwy 166) GILES COUNTY TENNESSEE

Mapping the Location

Area views of Eubank Cemetery: 6276/6277/6278/6293/6294/6295
Location photos for identifying the place where this hard to find cemetery can be found: 6271/6272/6273/6274/6275/6270/6296/6297


EUBANK, Thomas, 1 Mar 1805 - 15 May 1877 (h/o Nancy A. Graves Eubank) (s/o James and ____________ Eubank) Row 2: 6282C/6282
EUBANK, Nancy A., died 1 Sep 1882, Age 79 Years. (w/o Thomas Eubank) (nee Graves) Row 2:
DALY, Edward, 15 Aug 1822 - 5 Nov 1887 (h/o [1] Margaret Daly [2] Martha Jane Eubank Daly) (born in New York) Row 3:
DALY, Martha Jane, 1833 - 1913 (w/o Edward Daly) Not buried here - Martha Jane is buried at Stella Cemetery. (d/o Thomas and Nancy A. Graves Eubank)
EUBANK, Van B., 18 Oct 1872 - 11 Oct 1888 (s/o John R. and Eupie Smith Eubank) Row 1:
EUBANK, Dora E., 6 Oct 1884 - 22 Jul 1885 (d/o John R. and Eupie Smith Eubank) Row 1:
EUBANK, Shelie, 12 Mar 1878 - 22 Nov 1878 (child of John R. and Eupie Smith Eubank) Row 1:
EUBANK, Denton, 12 Nov 1877 - 6 Dec 1898 (s/o Azariah Jackson and Henrietta Anthony Eubank) Row 2:
WILLIAMS, S. L., -- Jul 1828 - 7 Mar 1894 (h/o Elizabeth Ann Eubank Williams) Row 2:
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Ann, wife of S. L. Williams,  9 Aug 1830 - 26 Jun 1903  (d/o Thomas and Nancy A. Graves Eubank) Row 2:

Unmarked graves or graves marked with fieldstones:

The listing was originally developed from a reading by Billy Dean, Linda Dean, & Sue Davis 5 Nov 2004 and again by Ed & Jean Cosby 6 Nov 2004. Visited again and photographed by C. Wayne Austin 1 Nov 2012 for this site after getting lucky and finding a gentleman at the top of the hill who could describe the location. Added to this site 3 Nov 2012. Omitted from the book Giles County Cemeteries, by the Historical Society 1986. Presented on with 4 photos and no mention of location, so may as well be in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. However there may be some useful genealogy there. This old graveyard was recently rediscovered and should now be included into the mapping & county records so that it does not get lost again from the public.