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Mapping the location          Cumberland Presbyterian Church Grounds c1840

Area views of the cemetery: 6448,6449,6450,6451,6461,6462,6473,6474,6475,6510,6511,6512,6519
What I believe to be the old church foundation. The church was closed down around 1900, used as a home for a while and then later torn down: 6509,6513
The Rock wall around one part of the cemetery: 6459
Old hand molded brick probably from the church building: 6468

C. . . . ., W. E., dates unknown. (This is a footstone. The headstone should be in the midst of a giant Hackberry tree.) 6465,6466,6467
CURRY, Mattie Lew,  25 Aug 1856 - 27 Jun 1858 6501C,6502
HANSERD, Infant son of T.A. & M. E., 16 Jan 1868 - 20 Feb 1868 6482,6483C,6484
MAY, Allace, 1873 - 1891 (d/o John W. & Nancy Frances Howard May.) 6457, 6458
MAY, Elizabeth,  1871 - 1921 (d/o John W. May & Nancy Frances Howard May. Ref: e-mail from Doug McBroom 6456, 6458
MAY, John W.,  1834 - 1909 6455, 6458 
MAY, Nancy Frances Howard, 1839 - 1898. (d/o John Howard & Catherine Weaver Howard. Ref: e-mail to MB.) 6454, 6458
MORRELL, Alan P., 14 Feb 1851 - 29 May 1855 6504C,6505,6506,6508
MORRELL, Infants, dates unknown. 6471,6472
PHELPS, G. F., 18 Jan 1821 - 29 Jul 1860 6486,6487
PHELPS, Mary Martha, only daughter of George F. & Martha M. Phelps, 16 May 1850 - 22 May 1854, Age 4 yrs, 6 days. 6490,6491
SCRUGGS, George (Dejarnette), 2 Sep 1805 - 18 Apr 1853. "In bright prospect of a blessed Immortality. The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want. And I heard a voice from Heaven saying unto me Write Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth Yea saith the Spirit that they may rest from their labours and their works do follow them". (Virginia native; s/o Thomas Scruggs and Edna Dejarnette Scruggs who settled first in Maury Co. Tn. and are buried in Maplewood Cemetery in Giles Co. ref: Pat Kinsey.) 6495,6497,6498
SCRUGGS, Sarah Hamner Pully, "consort of George D. Scruggs" 16 Mar 1811 - 16 Apr 1875 6492,6494
WEBSTER, Ollie, 16 Jan 1901 - 5 Aug 1904 (d/o James Pully and Lucy Moss Pully. ref: Pat Kinsey. 6516,6518

Unknown souls: 6449,6450,6451,6452,6461,6462,6464,6469,6476,6477,6478,6479,6480,6499,6503,6514

Visited here 30 Oct 2010. Rock Wall around a small portion of the cemetery has been presented as part of he foundation of the church building, by some in the past. This foundation is too small only about one grave wide and appears to have been here too long. The church foundation is really farther to the east and along the east side of the cemetery. The rock wall was intended for the cemetery but very few monuments remain inside the wall. Legend is that there are two or three Civil War Graves inside the rock wall. We have no proof of this or who they may be.

The Giles Co Historical Society cemetery book had this to say about this old cemetery: Location: Highway 31 at Elkton. "Once quite a large cemetery, it has been abused and almost destroyed. There are only a few tombstones and Vinca Minor (1986) to remind us that it was once a pretty cemetery.
Update 30 Oct 2010: In addition to the above known listing many early pioneer white residents of Elkton are buried here, but today only unknown fieldstones mark many of their graves and some of those have been destroyed. Caved in grave sites remind us of many others buried here now without markers. The May family monuments were added in recent years. [C. Wayne Austin 23 Nov 2010.

Presented on Page 109 of book "Giles County Tennessee Cemeteries", about 1988, by the Giles County Historical Society. Updated based on a visit 30 Oct 2010 by Cecil Wayne Austin. Added here 23 Nov 2010. Thanks for the historical updates to George & Sherry.