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North, right side - South, left side - East, at the bottom - West, at the top

White broken lines are the roads into and around the cemetery. The roads separate the sections. Black solid line is the cemetery border.
We have separated out the cemetery into Section A - E, mapped above, and labeled these as follows:
Section A (East of the cemetery road.) - Photo#s 2212 - 2452, 1251 - 1353
Section B (Center area between the road that circles back into the cemetery) - Photo#s 2453 - 2708
Section C. (West of the cemetery road) - Photo#s 2756 - 3083, 1354 - 1368
Section D. (Area near Prospect Road. The road splits into two entrances and this section is inside the split)  - Photo#s 2709 - 2755
Section E (Inside the rock wall, very historic.) Photo#s 1214 - 1250
Mapping graphics by C. Wayne Austin added here 14 Feb 2011.