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Ahead and to your left 200 yards is the thicket. Notice further on your left is the Rail road tracks.

Looking northeast while standing on the Rails yields this photo of a cemetery long abandoned & impossible in this state to survey.

From inside the cemetery this train roared by, as I was trying to clear enough brush to make photos. 
The Engineer spotted me and acknowledged my presence with a wave of his hand. I am sure he wondered who that crazy guy was that was so deep into the thicket only with a machete hacking away at the growth. Truth be known the soot from the train engine fertilizes the growth and causes it to be denser than normal.
I did not show but few photos of this cemetery because it is impossible to see anything beyond about 1 foot next to the ground.
Photos and Information by Wayne Austin 15 Jan 2008. Added here 25 Apr 2009.