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   This cemetery has never been recorded on any USGS mapping so I had to make up one here. While I believe this to be the location based on knowing it was 3 miles south of Lewisburg on the Cornersville Highway and finding it using Google mapping it is possible I am wrong as I have not visited here. The GPS coordinates of that location is 35.41147 Degrees North X 86.80374 Degrees West.  
Location: Go three miles south of Lewisville on Cornersville Highway. Cemetery is next to Hollow Hill Farms on Left side of road, there on the edge of the highway. A long rock wall surrounds the cemetery.
This author plotted in the Davis Moore Cemetery on the above map using graphics. It is not listed on the MS Streets Map 2005 Version. I make no absolute claim the cemetery is located there. The Johnson Cemetery plotted above just south of there is a separate cemetery and while it is possible the mapping location is confused with this cemetery it is a separate & known cemetery.
Maps by MSRP Mapping and MS Streets 2005 version, modified for this site by Wayne Austin 15 Apr 2010.