Mapping the Location 

Area photos of the cemetery:2431C/2431

CLARK, Mary M. Conwell, 23 Jun 1867 - 25 Jan 1916.
CLARK, W. T., died Jan 1916, (no tombstone found here.)
CONWELL, Eddie, 29 Dec 1866 - 24 Oct 1899.
CONWELL, Rosa Lee, died 18 Nov 1905, age: 17 yrs. (no tombstone found here.)
CONWELL, Sallie Lou, died 9 Oct 1905, age: 9 yrs, daughter of Mrs. Molly Clark. (no tombstone found here.)
DAVES, Mary, 8 Jan 1815 - ?? Sep 1888.
DAVES, James C., 1 Jun 1829 - 3 May 1875.
DAVES, Margarette M., 28 Dec 1827 - 20 Jul 1896.
DAVES, Anna Lena, 26 Jan 1884 - 20 Sep 1884, daughter of J. J. & M. C. Daves.
DAVES, Infant Son of J. J. & M. C. Daves, 30 Sep 1896 - 7 Oct 1896.

This cemetery was grown up in Briars and was "an ouchy affair". It was difficult to clear the stones for photography.

This cemetery is a contrast in the nature of humans. Notice while looking at photo #2442 someone laid a floral reef at the foot of a tombstone. In the next photo #2443 someone else discarded a beer bottle at the foot of a gravestone, or really, that was just where it came to rest. If we could get everyone into the first mindset and out of the second more primeval one the human race would be more civil. I suppose it is the least respectful latter class of folks I am constantly harping on in this web site, but then they are generally a hopeless bunch not reading anything here.

Transcribed by Wayne Austin from Photos taken 14 Feb 2011. Typing by Faye Bradford. Added here 25 Oct 2011 by Wayne Austin. This cemetery is also presented in the book Lincoln County Tennessee Cemeteries by Tim & Helen (Crawford) Marsh, Page 183, 1972.

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