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One of the tombstones in Dance Cemetery.

This is a photo of a memorial stone inside an iron fence.

This is the only stone that has any readable inscription from the photo. The surname Dance is visible at the bottom of the stone.
Photos made about 1990 by Carl Payne in a visit to show Catherine Potter the Cemetery. She was reporting to a cousin who was over 90 (2002) at the time. Catherine later sent these copies of Carl's photos (2002) to me, and they have since been stored in my archive.  Adding this cemetery is to keep a promise to Catherine & Marie that I would add this cemetery to my cemetery web site. I had a conversation with Marie 90+ myself and she was practically desperate for someone to document this cemetery to the public. I myself have been there looking for the cemetery. That was before I had mapping instructions and also it was late in the day so the cemetery was not found. Since it was years later I followed the maps to a Dance Cemetery on maps but found nothing to indicate this cemetery. I am not related to the folks in this cemetery that I know of, just an interested cemetery researcher. C. Wayne Austin. Added here 28 Oct 2011.