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From the above map we see the Dance Cemetery GPS location. I have visited this spot and if the GPS is right then this cemetery is unmarked. Was this cemetery moved?

Location: Take Highway 55 out of Lynchburg, Moore County and go about a mile and 1/4 and turn right (or east) on Bedford Hollow Road. Follow that until it loops back north and then back west (caution locked gate here) and go another 100 yards and the cemetery is to your south (or right) in the woods about 100 yards into the woods. Tested 1 Dec 2011 and no cemetery was found under the red check. It appears to be an unmarked or moved cemetery.

This Aerial Map shows the trees where the cemetery sits. Bedford Hollow Road it appears only has one home on it so that is where permission should be acquired before visiting this cemetery. Update 1 Dec 2011 - I went to this GPS location and there was no sign of a cemetery that I could see. One can see an old decaying antebellum house just to the right of the red check and there are barns SW behind that. The GPS may be wrong and this cemetery is behind that house in another of those thickets. This location is behind locked gates today, unlike in the past.
Maps from Topozone & MS Streets & Trips & MS Bing mapping sites, modified for this site by Wayne Austin, 27 Oct 2011.