COX CEMETERY, (Junction of Charity Rd. & Shields Hollow Rd.), MOORE COUNTY TENNESSEE
Mapping the Location

Area overviews of the cemetery: 0389/0388/2447/2448/2471/2472/2473
Road sign to and distant views of the cemetery: 0390/2446C/2446

COX, J. L.,
1830 - 1894. Father.  2451/2452/2454
COX, Sallie,
1826 - 1906. Mother. 2453/2454
COX, G. W.,
1844 - 1928. Uncle.  Gone but not forgotten  2449/2450
COX, A. W.,
1855 - 1921. Brother. 2455
COX, Dave,
1858 - 1934. (concrete Marker) 2474
COX, Joseph W.,
1861 - 1929. Brother. At Rest 2456
COX, Thomas J.,
1868 - 1932. Brother. (Concrete marker.) 2457
COX, N. L.,
4 Oct 1857 - 25 Aug 1933. 2458
Born about 1791 - Died 14 Oct 1881, Aged about 90 years. 2460/2461/2463
Born about 1791 - Died  6 Feb 1876, Aged about 85 years. (This stone is broken and on the ground) 2462/2463

Several graves - unmarked*.   2459/2464/2465/2466/2467/2468/2469/2470

It appears a professional level survey of this cemetery was done within the last 5 years to determine where all graves are. Maybe ground radar or other means was applied to find the unmarked graves. On the north side and scattered about the graveyard are about 10 wooden stakes that mark graves that were found as not having tombstone. These stakes will succumb to age in several years, so these photos will become valuable in determining the total number & location of the graves in this cemetery. This number is about 20 including these stakes. Just about every graveyard has unmarked graves, if you ponder your ancestor as having died in this area study this and the Census data.
I can say for sure my ancestors with lost graves, Drewy Austin (d. 1831) & Betsy Gurley Austin (d. aft 1831 but before 1840) lived here in the headwaters area of the West Fork of Mulberry Creek. However in my case I have been unable to pinpoint within a 3 miles radius the location of their land. As you notice none of these marked graves are older than 1876, so before that all the graves here were unmarked, if this cemetery existed prior to 1876.  CWA.

Transcribed by Wayne Austin from Photos taken 14 Feb 2011. Typing by Faye Bradford. Added here 25 Oct 2011 by Wayne Austin. This cemetery is also presented in the book Moore County Tennessee Cemeteries by Tim & Helen (Crawford) Marsh, Page 13, 1976.


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