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CORPIER CEMETERY, (SE of Junction of Henry Bayless & Elliott Roads) LINCOLN COUNTY, TENNESSEE

Mapping the Location


Area views of the cemetery: 3255/3256/3257/3258/3259/3260/3261/3262/3263

Corpier, A.L. (Pvt Amasa L.), 4 Mar 1844 - 23 Jan 1900. Company I, 32nd Infantry, Confederate States Army. (Military marker installed beside the original monument) 3248/military marker: 3249C/3249/3251/3255/3256/3257

Corpier, Mary M. (Beasley),  12 Sep 1857 - 22 Apr 1904. Wife of A. L. Corpier. 3250C/3250/3251/3255

Corpier, John H.,  8 Aug 1876 - 4 Jan 19463247/3256
Luna, Elbert,  
12 Aug 1892 - 29 Mar 1916.  3245/3246

Parks, Lura Luna,  18 Oct 1891 - 1 Sep 1962. 3258/3259/3260/3261

Smith, Emmitt O.,  22 Jun 1876 - 18 Apr 1957. Sheltered and safe from sorrow. 3253/3254

Smith, Fannie P.,  28 Dec 1881 - 4 Jun 1957. 3253

Smith, W. Lamacie,  21 Jun 1913 - 1 Jun 1914, son of E.O. & F.P. Smith. Tis but the casket lies here. The gem that filled it sparkled below. 3252/3255

The book cemeteries of Lincoln says there are 3 unmarked graves here.

The person that photographically surveyed this cemetery from back in 2001 found a very different place. The grounds of this cemetery were maintained then.  It is clear from these photos this cemetery has since been abandoned to the weeds and high brush growth. In today's wet summer environment around the south cemeteries must be mowed at least twice a year or they become lost in high brush.

Photographed on May 29, 2012. The inscriptions were updated with exceptions found or known by C. Wayne Austin. This publication culminated from various sources. First it was listed on page 135 of the book Lincoln County Cemeteries by the Marsh's. Added here 5 Mar 2013. Listed on