The setting of the plaque and celebration of the life of Henry Moores. This Daughters of the American Revolution placed this during 1975 so the photo was taken then. The Henry Moores Chapter was based in Texarkana, Texas/Arkansas. Henry Moores was a veteran of the Revolutionary war. He was Carolyn Whitaker Crowley's third-great-grandfather. Wayne Owens identified the only person known as Ruth Morgan seen in the left center.
Mapping the Location

Aerial Views of Conger Cemetery: 3553/3554/3555/3556/3566/3567/3568/3569/3570/3571/3588/3589/3590/3601/3602/3603/3604/3605

CONGER, Isaac, 1779 - 30 Nov 1847 (no stone found in 2011 Survey)
CONGER, Mary, 15 Nov 1782 - 4 Mar 1857. 3577/3576/3578
CONGER, Matilda, 16 Apr 1807 - 23 Oct 1812. "Here lies Matilda Conger who was born April 16th, 1807 and died October 23d, 1812. 3575
CONGER, Felix H., 14 Dec 1812 - 4 Nov 1834. Remember man as you pass by, as you are now so once was I. As I am now so you must be, so prepare for death and follow me. 3573/3588
CONGER, Sion M., 7 Mar 1810 - 27 Jan 1874. 3582/3583/3581
CONGER, Montene "Montie", 21 Oct 1860 - 27 Sep 1862. Also on stone with Sion Conger. 3580/3582
CONGER, Delilah L., 11 Aug 1805 - 11 Oct 1837. 3572/3574
HINES, Ellison R., 9 Dec 1833 - 30 Jan 1853. 3559
MOORES, Henry, "A Soldier of the Rev.", 9 Oct 1744 - 11 Feb 1814. Placed 1975 by Henry Moores. Car Texas, Lone Star DAR TX. (The "4" of "1814" is inscribed backwards.) 3562/3560/3561/3563
MOORES, Unknown, broken monument beside the monument for Henry 3564/3565/3566
MOORES, Jane, 12 Oct 1777 - 25 Jul 1840. (Spelled "Moores" on the stone.) In memory of Jane Moores, was born October the 12th 1777 and deceased July the 25th 1840.  3593
MOORES, Major John, 9 Oct 1777 - 29 Oct 1844. (no stone found in 2011 Survey)
MOORES, Jane Brown "Moors", 25 Feb 1800 - 25 Dec 1858. (Spelled "Moors" on the stone) 3579
MOORES, Eli, 29 Mar 1798 - 17 Aug 1855. Spelled as Moore on tombstone. 3598/3599/3600
MOORES, Mrs. Finnetta, 12 Jul 1807 - 19 Dec 1834. In hope of a future reward and a desire to meet her children & friends in Heaven. Spelled as Moore on tombstone. 3596/3597/3594/3595
WHITAKER, Henry Moores, Son of W. & S. Whitaker, 4 Jun 1836 in Fairfield Dist., S. C., Died 9 Sep 1837. 3557/3558

Unmarked graves, some marked with fieldstones: 3584/3585/3586/3587/3591/3592

It is my opinion the two stones found by previous transcribers and not found in 2011 are there. They may have sunken below the soil level. The fence is down in this cemetery and the cattle roam thru the cemetery at will. Much of the evidence for unmarked graves is gone and very difficult to determine now. You will notice a rock wall to the south of the cemetery that could be an attempt to surround the cemetery or it may be a part of a building such as a church which once stood here. Someone recently added a split rail fence on three sides of the cemetery also.

I was shown this cemetery by Mr. Conger who descends from the folks buried in this cemetery. His family home (adjacent to here) was built in 1808 and is known as the historic Conger Log Cabin, or the oldest known home in Lincoln County Tennessee. The home location is visible from a map under mapping the location and it lies to the east of the cemetery. The home was opened recently by the Congers for the "Alpha Kappa Home Tour" a historic tour of Fayetteville Tennessee Homes Sunday 13 Nov 2011. However let us remember the place is otherwise private.

Visited & photographed 3 Feb 2011 by Wayne Austin. Added to this site 15 Nov 2011. Our thanks to Mr. Conger, the landowner & descendent of this cemetery, a long time resident, who showed this us the cemetery. The cemetery is listed in the book "Cemetery Records of Lincoln County Tennessee" by Tim & Helen Crawford Marsh, page 175. That book still has the most complete listing of graves in Lincoln County today, even if many sources are popping up on the internet. I present complete cemeteries but will not present all of them. researchers tend to emphasize there own kin and rarely finish a cemetery completely. Others that try are somehow not self trained so the effort falls short of what you will find in the book or here.

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