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Mapping the Location

Area views of the Cemetery: 1533/1527/1528/1537
Snapping the shutter (Camera) as I walk back toward the truck- to accurately map this site: 1546/1547/1548/1549/1550

COLVETT, Frederick, Apr (3, 1805) - Oct 15, 1868. (Jones Co., N.C. native; s/o John Colvett Sr.; h/o Jane Colvett, mar. 5 Nov 1846.  1532/1542/1533/1545

COLVETT, Jane, wife of Frederick Colvett, Mar 9, 1821 - Jun 5, 1881. (dug up 2 more pieces of the stone*) 1543/1544/1530/1531/1527/1533

C. . . . ., J.E., died Mar 15, 1880. (Inscribed on sandstone) 1536/1528/1537

Fieldstones (8-to 10 per Ralph Whitesell 1960s): 1529/1534/1535/1538/1539/1540/1541

*Can make out the "J" in Jane and read "wife of Frederick Colvett" and dates are clear, so the most vital parts of this inscription are still in place.

Photos and information by C. Wayne Austin based on a wet and drizzly morning photography session dated 3 Dec 2013. Also listed in the book "Cemetery Records of Marshall County", Page 96, by Tim & Helen Marsh. Visit and inscription was first by Ralph D. Whitesell back in the 1960s obviously before the stones were broken into pieces, by vandals, falling, tree limbs or neglect.