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Clear Creek Church (Christian) Cemetery, McNairy County, Tennessee

McAfee, Moses, 1776 - May 7, 1846 (unmarked & lost grave)
I have drawn arrows that might show the locations of this lost grave(s) in the back of the cemetery. These are approximate and are an attempt to set a range if someone were approaching the grave site. These arrows were drawn up from Autry's statements below. The Cedar Tree line he speaks of is just inside the right side of this photo and extending back right off of the photo. Also the location is over the crest of the hill and mostly out of our view. I did not have photos for the exact places he mentioned since there are few stones back there. [Wayne Austin, 21 Oct 2009] 
The dates of birth for: Moses McAfee birth 1776 died May 7, 1846, Stantonville, McNairy County, Tennessee, USA, his place of birth is unknown although his two wives (sisters) were supposedly from GA. To find this unmarked grave one would stand about 15 ft. to the left of the cedar tree line and walk straight to the back of the cemetery (first row of graves in the back), this would be approximate vicinity for the grave of Moses. I only wish I had paid more attention when the exact spot was shown to me as a young boy, by my three uncle McAfee's, Taylor, Egbert, and Charlie.
[Autrey McAfee, (a descendent) 20 Oct 2009]
Wayne, Iím including Autryís note back to me. It is good to know that we can show he is buried at Clear Creek even if we don't know the exact grave site. One day that information could be useful to someone besides us. I should have asked Autry if Moses' wives were also buried there. Will email him back and see if he knows that. [Doris Oswalt 21 Oct 2009]

Photo by Wayne Austin July 18, 2008 Information sent by Doris Oswalt. From her conversations with Autry who is in possession of this unmarked grave knowledge & relates it here Oct 20, 2009