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AUSTIN, William Phillip "Willis", abt 1790 - died between 1830 & 1840, born, it is believed in Anson County, North Carolina and died in Moore/Bedford County, Tennessee, West Fork of the Mulberry Creek. I believe the site where they lived became part of Moore County in 1871.

Spouse: Eleanor Nellie Burrow (1789 - 1892)  - Memorial# 21410506
Children: Henry R Austin, 1817-1866 # 21326075   -   Amzie Austin, 1819-1851 # 21410495   -   William Bryant, Austin # 21410475   -   John R. Austin, 1827 - (no other info known)   -   Elijah Austin, 1833-1863
Parents: Father: Drury/(Drewry) Austin (1755 - 1831)     -   Mother: Elizabeth Betsy Gurley Austin (1753 - 1807)
Known Children: Jesse James Brolin Austin (1832 - 1909)
Burial: Unknown site in Bedford Co, Tennessee, but this researcher believed it highly likely Willis is interred here with his father and mother since he died and his wife left for Arkansas soon afterward to follow her children there.
Willis was a sibling of Harris Austin, and also they had an unnamed sister who was a daughter of Drewry that married Thomas Bolin and died before Drewry Austin's will was probated in 1831. Her part of the estate passed to her daughter Anne Bolen. This daughter's given name may have been Charlotte Austin Bolen.

This Aerial Map shows the area where the cemetery resides next to what is labeled Stellman Loop Road inside a large rock wall. Inscribed stones here are sparse, and tend to occupy the southwest area of this rectangle. The area designated for lost and unmarked graves is large, though some part of this may space may have had a log Charity Church building. The West Fork of the Mulberry Creek is south of us and at this point has came from the west and turned southward. The little branch we see on the east side of this map spanning north to south is a feeder branch.