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This map shows the coordinates of the Carter Cemetery. 

Go west on Hwy 64 and turn right (north) on Weakley Creek Road. Go a couple of miles and turn right on Hams Creek Road and go over the hill and back down the other side. At the long hedge row turn into a farm road going west  down to the branch and across Hams Creek. The farm road then bends back left or south to go to the cemetery. 200 yards further. In other words the cemetery is on the (far) west side of Hams Creek and Hams Creek Road.

Looking at this aerial map the cemetery access road is found following along the south edge of the east/west hedge row. I am told the property belongs to Mr. Parker who lives on the right side of the road. The Cemetery has a great fence but now the weeds are growing profusely. There is a wire stretched across the entrance to this field road with electrical shock protection and the ability to disable it safely and gain access if you know how to. The field road doubles as a farm operation road too so be sure you go here with deliberate upscale intentions and secure permission if needed as the Parkers do not like trespassing illegal hunters.
The cemetery is well protected by new fencing but the area is surrounded by cattle and there are salt licks nearby so you will step into cow something if you are not careful trying to get to the cemetery gate. Do not leave any of the gates open. Latch them as they were after access and exit and we will keep the farmers assets safe and be invited back.
Mapping from Topozone MS Streets & Trips & MS Bing mapping (no actually Google). Modified and added here 4 May 2012 by C. Wayne Austin.