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This map shows the GPS location of the Cardin Cemetery.  This cemetery is not detailed on the USGS records. The GPS Latitude & Longitude is slightly suspect. I went there and thought I plotted it correctly on my GPS computer, but when I came away I could match my GPS to the Topozone plotting and other mapping that showed the Aerial view depicting the little round grove of trees containing this cemetery. I do think this is correct within 250 yards. Sorry it was so far out in the field and my truck was 100 yards from the cemetery the exact direction from I am not certain of. I think the plotting on this map was pegged where the truck was parked but maybe the plotting included a compensation for the distance to the cemetery and that was in the wrong direction. Another problem is the fields all have scattered trees and it is hard to pick out the round grove in the aerial views.

Location: Highway 31S, left onto old Stage Road; on old Larkin Cardin place before Hardy Road. Farm now belongs to Donny Moore. (1985)Directions today: Go Hwy 31 S to Hardy Road at the Ephesus Church of Christ and turn left (northeast). Travel up the hill a couple of miles going by Bethesda Cemetery on the right and terminate into Bunker Hill/Old Stage Coach Road and turn right. Follow that road and take the right turn or branch onto a continuation of Old Stage Coach Road. Find a field road which travels back south under the trees. When the road comes out into the open park and the cemetery will be in that field down the hill 100 yards ahead in the clump of trees southeast or southwest of you depending on where the farm road came out. I am uncertain of that direction as of now.

This Aerial view shows where the GPS (marked with a G) is pegged and is obviously not where the cemetery is located. My selection is with a red check where I think the cemetery is located. The other yellow pointer is a possible location. So if you go there without instructions use this as a guide and you will find this cemetery, but don't forget this is private land. The cemetery is today inside a low barb wire fence. George Newman, who took me here, is the current president of the Giles County Historical Society and he knows where this cemetery is located, if he is still available.
Maps from USGS Topographical, MS Streets & Trips 2004 & MS Bing Maps modified for this site by Wayne Austin,
27 Jan 2011.