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In this photo we can see a photo of the immaculate Campbell him in the Clarence Campbell family beginning in 1894. They who are interred here and in the Campbellsville Cemetery. Folks on the porch and in the yard not identified. 
Photo dated in the 1950s. Sent here by Beverly Jones. 12 Jan 2010. Earlier versions with names labeled appear on the Internet at TnGiles Rootsweb: 

This is the Clarence Campbell home in olden time. It is labeled on this site:
Clarence Campbell Family Photo provided by Beverly Jones.

The red (1) one marks the cemetery on our far left. Across Hwy 166 on the other side of Campbellsville we see the green arrow pointing to the location of this (private please) home.

This is the Campbellsville Cumberland Presbyterian Church not far from the Campbell home. 
Photo from years ago. Sent in by Beverly Jones

Campbellsville Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 2009 photo.

This is a photo of a very old abandoned home (Private Property Please), out on the hill, 1/2 mile east, on Lock Road in Campbellsville that is not as well kept as it was at one time. The twin chimneys speaks of its age indicating it goes back into the 1800s. No doubt it was an important part of the history of Campbellsville Tennessee at one time and several families over the years took pride in living here. Its metal roof will allow it still many more years, if that is maintained. If you know its history let me know and we will make that available to the public while this treasure is still standing.
Info by Wayne Austin 21 Dec 2009, map above from Google, modified by Wayne Austin 12 Feb 2010.