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Sent: 3/26/2010 8:34:08 A.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Abner Turner McQuigg

The McQuigg line was my introduction into earlier family research and I have tried to take that history and expand it as fully as I could.
Robert Gilmore and Elizabeth Fry McQuigg both died at early ages, a year apart, leaving 9 minor children, my gg-grandmother, Margaret Elizabeth McQuigg being the eldest. She married in 1849 to Martin Evans in Giles Co. All of the children were split up among other relatives and in the early 1850s most migrated to MO. Only Abner Turner McQuigg remained in Giles Co. until the early 1900s when he moved to Dist. 5, Maury Co. (1910 census) He died in Maury Co. in 1923.

As a Civil War comment I will add this bit of information that I was given in a telephone conversation I had with a distant relative in 2002, relating to Martha Anne Evans McQuigg.

   Martha Evans Hill Morgan related to me on 2/23/2002, that she had been named for her grandmother and that during the Civil War, when the eldest daughter, Ellen died, Martha was prevented from burying Ellen by Union soldiers and had to keep Ellen's body in the house for several days. Because of this tragic and traumatic experience, Martha Evans McQuigg went insane or at least suffered some type of emotional breakdown.-tlh

Her condition was made known in later years by a lawsuit:
According to "Giles County Chancery Court, Woodruff Files, M thru N, 1830-1900", in 1898, File Box MC - 10 - Case 5276, A.T. McQuigg & al vs. Martha A. McQuigg.

"A. T. McQuigg of Giles County & R. D. Lamar of Marshall County brought suit against Martha. A.T. represented that he was the owner in his own right of a tract of 145 acres situated in the 15th District of Giles County, being the same tract conveyed to him by E. T. Fry, by Deed of April 10, 1880 and registered in Deed Book "PP", page 62. Upon this tract, A.T. McQuigg, his wife Martha and their children resided. The Defendant Martha McQuigg was insane. McQuigg had contracted to sell said tract to Complainant R. D. Lamar including the improvements. McQuigg proving he was owner of land in his own right, without his wife joining in as she was incapable of decision"

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