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This 1878 Map of Campbellsville Tennessee shows an H. English as owning the Clarence Campbell home. Shows the C. Presbyterian Church and a school (Academy just (below) south of that.) Looks like the big property owners were Dr J. H. Campbell, H.N. Campbell, H. English, H.S. English, J.H. Cook, J. Yokley, I Yokley and J. J. Prentice. An A. Baker had just died and left an estate is shown as A. Baker Estate. A Shoe Shop, Cotton Gin & General Store. Looks like the roads are about the same but the south part of the village is not shown on this map including the Campbellsville Cemetery.
D.H. Hannah can be found on the above map. Dr. J. (James) H. (Henderson) Campbell was the father of Clarence Campbell. Clarence Campbell didn't purchase the house shown on this site until around 1894, and he purchased it then from the English family.....H. English shown above, I guess, perhaps Hugh English---not sure. I suppose that J. Yokley is Jacob Yokley and I. Yokley is Isaac Yokley.  
Information compiled by the collaborating of Beverly Jones & Wayne Austin via E-mail 12 Jan 2010, map from D.G. Beers Mapping 1876 of Giles County Tennessee. A digital camera image of which was made during 2008, This map in whole hangs in the Giles County Tennessee Archives. Enhanced image by Wayne Austin.