Mapping the Location

Area Photos of Campbell Cemetery:
Old Historic home north side of Lynchburg Highway: 1390

CAMPBELL, Mary J., died 4 Feb 1890 (no age given)**
CAMPBELL, James D., died 12 Jun 1883 (no age given)**
COLLINS, Mary, died 29 Aug 1883 (no age given)**
FAULKNER, Sallie, died 27 Oct 1885 (no age given)**

Two Iron fence enclosures are here, both fallen and no longer standing, to keep out the livestock.
Several unmarked graves, some with fieldstone still standing, others the fieldstones are trampled to the ground by livestock.

**All listings were from someone's family records as published in the book Lincoln County Tennessee Cemeteries by Tim & Helen Marsh. No known markers exist for this cemetery. We don't know if they were destroyed or never were there. I did a quick probe of the soil, but no inscribed stones were found. For one thing the probe works well to find lost stones in smaller areas, but this was a large area, and would require a systemic approach taking at least a couple of hours.

This presentation is based on the photography of C. Wayne Austin late afternoon, 2 Feb 2011. Added here 22 Jul 2012. Listing from the same page in the book Cemetery Records of Lincoln County, Page 370 by Tim & Helen Marsh. Findagrave as of now has this cemetery incorrectly portrayed with inapplicable listings and no location information. They have recent burials and obituaries and recent listing posted to this cemetery. There is a large Campbell Cemetery in this county and that is the cause of the confusion with folks dumping their listings to the first Campbell Cemetery that comes up on the listing instead of the correct one.

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