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In this area photo we can see most of the upright memorials of the Campbell-Rittenberry Cemetery or also called Campbell (Hamilton Crockett) Cemetery after Hamilton Crockett Campbell, 1786 - 1853. His memorial sits back to our right of the last tree with the straight tree trunk with a limb overhanging. This is in the center of the photo. Many of the Rittenberrry stones on our left are small and close to the ground level. They are subject to being overlooked.
The area to the far right and back is the row where the Morris graves are located. That is behind that large dark green Cedar Tree with the big trunk. To the front of that and still in the right area of the photo is the Campbell family graves. The big memorial in the front and center belongs to Hamilton Crockett & Forrest Yokley Campbell. In the left of the photo is the Rittenberry memorials. Many of them cannot be seen. They are flat stones even with the ground with long border stones. In the far back row next to the fence in the left area of the photo are the West family memorials. The Carrie Baker stone cannot be seen here. It is off of the photo on our right next row, first stone in front part of the cemetery.
  Info and Photo by Wayne Austin 21 Dec 2009.