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. This plaque hangs beside the church entrance is inscribed as follows: 
"This church originally constructed of brick, and organized under the authority of the Presbytery of West Tennessee by Rev. Edward McMillin, October 19, 1840. 
Reconstructed in 1870 under the original name of Richland Church, and later changed to
Brick Church, and consisting of the following members:
Robert Gordon, Sr., and wife Mary
Martin M. Lane, and wife Elizabeth K.
John N. Shields
Eleanor McLure
Anna J. Bradshaw
Mary A. McMillan. 
The following were added on Certificate, October 20, 1840
Mrs. Nancy Lane
Mrs. Sarah J. Hale
Joseph Knox and wife Louisa
Mrs. Rosanna M. Cumpton
Mrs. Mary H. Gordon
Mrs. Margaret McKnight
Miss Nancy A. McKnight
Mr. James N. Bradshaw
Mrs. Mary Harvey.
Were added on Certificate.
This plaque was erected as a token of love and esteem to my parents,
Dr M. P. & Mrs Mary Etta Harwood
who found consolation here,
By Brown Norwood of Fort Worth Texas. May 1946.
and may those who have and will pass thru these portals have eternal peace and happiness."
Photo & transcription by Wayne Austin, 16 Jun 2008.