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Historical marker commending the war service of Thomas K. Gordon interred about 3 miles north of here in the Lane Cemetery.

From: Dora Gordon Whisenant
To:Mary Bob McClain Richardson
Sent: about 8 Mar 2010

There are 2 Thomas Kennedy Gordons in Giles County. One was born in 1792 and died in 1880. He was married to Betsy Lane. This Thomas Kennedy was son of Samuel & Barbara Cameron Gordon who were in Maury County then moved to Giles County. This is the one that served with Jackson in the War of 1812.

There is another Thomas Kennedy Gordon who was born in 1820-1830 time period & is son of John & Mary Ann Kennedy Gordon. This family is connected to the Samuel & Barbara Cameron Gordon family too. These Gordons are not related to my Gordon family. The one mentioned as born in 1829 is this one here. Most of these early Gordons are buried in Brick Church Cemetery.

To: Wayne Austin 
From: Mary Bob
Date: 9 mar 2010.

The memorial on the fence at Brick Church Cemetery cannot be for the Thomas Kennedy Gordon b. 1829 buried there. It should be at Lane Cemetery in Giles Co. for Col Thomas Kennedy Gordon. Note the memorial says he served with Andrew Jackson in War 1812. This Gordon wasn't yet born. What say you?

To: Mary Bob 
From: Wayne Austin
Date: 9 mar 2010.

The above historical marker was not necessarily confirming Thomas Kennedy Gordon's (1792 - 1880) burial in Brick Church. That is just where they placed it for the Gordon family. Here below is the cropped inscription for the box tomb located in the dense thickets of the Lane Cemetery a few miles north here. I agree it is obvious these Gordon's were connected to those interred the Lane Cemetery. This Thomas K. Gordon would have been fighting age of 18-21.

Col. Thomas Kennedy Gordon gravestone in the Lane Cemetery:

to the Memory of
April 6, 1792
Died March 31, 1880
in the 88 year of his Age. 
Rest in Peace
GORDON, Col. Thomas Kennedy, Born April 6, 1792 - March 31, 1880 in the 88th year of his Age. (son of Samuel & Barbara Cameron Gordon; An officer during the war of 1812; actually interred in the Lane Cemetery about 3 miles north of this place.)

Photos by Wayne Austin, 16 Jun 2008/3 Feb 2010 for Lane Cemetery.  E-mail exchange as noted.