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 **Bradshaw Cemetery Veterans Memorial**

Bradshaw Veterans: "In Honor of Bradshaw Veterans", "They served when called."  Jack Aldrich WWII, T.B. Bass, CSA, James E. Bledsoe WWII, Nicholas Burns CSA, Bobby D. Coggin Vietnam, James R. Gaines WWII, Frank King CSA, Hugh D. Griffis CSA, Virgil H. Harrison WWII, A.B. Holley CSA, J.D. Holley WWII, George M. Keele, CSA, John T. Lovett WWI ,Nathaniel A. Murray CSA, James H. Payne WWII, Charles E. Ramer Korea, John R. Redd CSA, Walter E. Redd WWII, Clayton Richardson WWII, Joseph E. Smith WWI, Wade H. Street CSA, Erbon B. Thompson WWII, William A. Williams CSA, Richard G. Williams WWII, W. Don Abbott USN."Dedicated April 2008."

Bricks:1st Row Down: "In memory William Reaves, Irene Reaves, In memory W.W. Wood Burns 1900 - 1940, In memory, Andrew J. Burns - Beulah B. Burns, In memory J.H. Bledsoe - Lou E. Bledsoe - Allie Bledsoe, In memory Fred Fulton - Diane Fulton, In memory Maude B. Holley 1893 - 1966"  
2nd Row Down: "In memory Richards - Tom & Mary Lou, In memory Parks Holley - Janice Holley, In memory Dorvel Holley - Frances Holley, In memory Rev. Lloyd Lee & Willa Mae Hickman, In memory Dale Journey - Wilma D. Journey, In memory A.B. Holley - Phebie Holley."
3rd Row Down: "In memory Charlie Thompson - Eula Mai Thompson, In memory Charlie Prosser - Clellie Prosser, In memory John H. Bledsoe - Ed Bledsoe, In memory B.B. Holley - Ida L. Holley, In memory W. Roy Park - Nola R. Park, In memory Rev. H.W. Prosser - Lilla C. Prosser."
4th Row Down" "In memory David Pennock 1992 - 2005, In memory Frances G. Burns 1916 - 1917,  Maggie Holley - Talmage Holley - Roy Holley, In memory Edgar Burns - Eva Burns, In memory Sterling W. & Mittie Thompson, In memory Boyd Thompson - Nell Thompson, In memory T. Shields Park - Maudie L.P. Park, In memory Willie E. Holley 1893 - 1963, In memory Virgil & Virginia Harrison."
5th Row Down: "In memory John F. Redd 1829 - 1912, Almus Bledsoe - Mary E. Bledsoe - Jesse Bledsoe, In memory Auvy Bledsoe - Kate Bledsoe, In memory Dovie R. Holley 1870 - 1941, In memory John (J.R.) Lunn - Rosalie R. Lunn, In memory Nicholas Burns 1818 - 1897.
6th Row Down: " In memory Flournoy H. Reed 1877 - 1952, In memory Charles E. Ramer - Jean B. Ramer, In memory Jim L. Williams - Effie B. Williams,  Nettie H. Wright 1889 - 1933 unmarked Grave, In memory Helen L. Williams - Richard G. Williams, In memory John T. Lovett - Nana Lou Lovett." 3868,3869,4698,4699,4700,4701,4702
Transcribed & compiled by Mary Bob McClain Richardson. Added here by W. Austin 3 Aug 2010