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 **Bradshaw Cemetery Veterans**

Civil War

BASS, T. F., 4 Oct 1847 - 27 Dec 1926. "At Rest.", Military marker: "Pvt  T.F. Bass Morton's Btry Tn Lt Arty CSA." (h/o and shares stone with Nancie Holley Bass. Listed as T.P. Bass, Giles Co. Soldier's Pension # S15639 Morton's Battery Lt. Art. Ref: Tenn. Libary and Archives.) 4757,4758,4759

BURNS, N.(Nicholas M.), 21 Dec 1818 - 22 May 1897. "Since thou can no longer stay, To cheer us with thy love. We hope to meet with thee again In yon bright world above." Military marker: "Serg Nicholas M Burns Co. B 41 Tenn Inf CSA." (rank in Serg rank out Pvt. Ref: Civil War Soldiers and Sailors film #M231 roll 6.)  4589,4588,4590

GRIFFIS, Hugh Doiley, 2 Jan 1844 - 14 Jun 1932. "Gone but not forgotten." Military marker: "Pvt Co C 41 Tenn Inf CSA." (h/o Josephine Griffis and share the same stone.Tm/ State Library & Archives have him listed as Hugh Dailey Griffis Lincoln Co. Tn. Soldier's Pension #S12043 41st Inf. with Giles Co. Widow's Pension #W10586 filed by Josephine Griffis.)  4826,4827,4828

HOLLY, Alexander B., 10 Mar 1842 - 30 Sep 1910. Military stone: "Serg Co H 53 Tenn Inf CSA." (Note: alternate spelling of Holley/Holly on military marker; photo on ts; inside iron fence;h/o and shares stone with Phebie "Holly"  4666,4667,4668,4669,4670,4671

KEELE, G. (George) M., 1 May 1844 - 18 Mar 1921.  "Father." Military marker: "G.M. Keele Pvt Co I 4 Tenn Cav CSA." (shares stone with P.R. Keele. George M. Keele Soldier's Pension #S2013 4th Tn. Cav. Ref: Tn. State Library & Archives) 4871,4872

KING, F. R., 28 May 1842 - 5 Jun 1921. "Father.", "Asleep in Jesus, Oh how sweet." Military stone: "Franklin R. King PVT Co H 8 Ga Inf CSA" note: dob differs from dob on ts. F.R. King Lincoln Co. Soldier's Pension #3 18th Ga. Inf. C.S.A.; Ref. Tn. State Library & Archives. mb (h/o and shares stone with Mrs. R.L. King.) 4715,4716

MURRAY, N. A., 27 Oct 1831 - 1 Sep 1902. "Gone but not forgotten."Military marker: "Nathaniel A. Murray Pvt Co F 32 Tenn Inf CSA."  4607,4608,4609

REDD, J. F., 12 Apr 1829 - 14 Sep 1912. Military marker: "Pvt. Co. B 23 BN Tenn Inf. CSA", "His Wife" (shares stone with Eliza A. Redd; 23 Batt'n Tn Inf (Newman's Battalion Co. B, rank in Pvt. rank out Pvt. Ref: Civil War Soldiers and Sailors film #M231 roll 36) Note: Veteran Memorial has him listed as John R. Redd. mb  4556,4555,4557

STREET, Wade, Nov 1845 - Mar 1912. "Father.", "Precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home, which never can be filled." Military marker: "Pvt W.H. Street Co C 11 Tenn Inf CSA." (shares stone with Mary Street. Wade H. Street, Giles Co. Soldier's Pension #S12416 20th Tn. Cav. Ref: Tn. State Library & Archives) 4855,4856,4858,4859,4860

WILLIAMS, W. (William) A. 15 Dec 1839 - 25 Jan 1915. Masonic Emblem. Military stone: "Pvt Co H 3 Tenn Inf CSA."  (h/o Sarah J. Williams and shares same stone.) 4612,4613,4614

World War I

LOVETT, John Thomas, 27 Apr 1893 - 28 Feb 1951. Footstone: "Tennessee Pvt. Co. C 129 Infantry World War I" (shares stone with Nana Lou Lovett.) 4521,4522,4523,4527

SMITH, Joseph E. , 15 Feb 1893 - 23 Jul 1976. Military marker: "PVT US Army World War I." 4484

World War II

ALDRICH, Jack, 26 Apr 1921 - 2 Oct 1994. Military marker: "PFC US Army World War II." 4904

BLEDSOE, James Edwin, 29 Feb 1916 - 7 Mar 1982. Military marker: " PFC U. S. Army World War  II." 4891

GAINES, James Robert, 26 Apr 1922 - 26 Sep 1988. Military Marker: "Sgt US Army World War II." 4494

HARRISON, Virgil H. not on list but on Veteran Memorial. No photo

HOLLEY, J. D., 1 Oct 1918 - 9 Mar 1968. "Not my will but Thine be done."
 (shares stone with Mary Dean Holley, photo in center of ts.) Note: listed on Veteran memorial.  4513,4514,4515

PAYNE, James H. Not on list but on Veteran Memorial No photo

REDD, Walter E.(Eugene), 13 Aug 1922 - 5 Jan 1983.  Military marker: "Pvt. US Army World War  II." 4468,4469

RICHARDSON, Clayton, 24 Aug 1919 - 4 Aug 1970. "Preacher." Military marker: " Tennessee Pvt. Co E 16  1 Inf Div World War  II." 4915,4916

THOMPSON, Erbon Boyd, 22 Sep 1910 - 21 Jul 1984. Military marker: "CPL US Army World War II" (shares stone with Nell S. Thompson.)  4676,4677

WILLIAMS, Richard G., 17 Mar 1925 - 7 Apr 2003. "Married Mar. 15, 1947." Military marker: "U.S. Army World War II." (h/o and shares stone with Helen L. Williams.) 4470,4471

Korean War

PASCHALL, John Rufus, 31 Mar 1930 - 11 Jun 2008. Military marker: "U.S. Navy Korea", "Laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you." (photo top center of ts.)  4598,4599,4600,4601,4602

RAMER, Charles E., 11 Sep 1931 - 13 Jun 1997. "Wed May 27, 1955.", "In loving memory." Military marker: "Charles Earnest Ramer SGT US Army Korea" (shares stone with Eugenia B. (Jean) Ramer.) 4902,4903


COGGIN, Bobby D. Sr., 1 Jun 1946 - 30 Nov 1999.Note: Listed on Veteran Memorial  4467

War Service not Specified on tombstone - likely Vietnam

ABBOTT, Wilber Don, 9 Dec 1944 - 24 Apr 2002. "In loving memory." Note: Listed on Veteran Memorial. 4906