BOYET CEMETERY, (Hwy 431, near Ellington Airport) MARSHALL COUNTY

Mapping the Location


Area Photos of the Boyet Cemetery: 327, 328, 329, 330, 331, 332, 333, 334, 335, 336, 337, 338
Cemetery Signage: 342, 343

BOYET, J. Frank, 1861 - 1947. 323
BOYET, Ella O., 1878 - 1915.  323
BOYET, Verginia, 20 Jan 1903 - 18 Oct 1903, daughter of J. F. & Ella Boyet. 321, 322
BOYET, Jimmie, 16 Oct 1900 - 28 Jul 1905 son of J. F. & Ella Boyet. 319, 320, 339, 340
BOYET, Elizabeth, 15 Jan 1906 - 10 Jun 1906, daughter of J. F. & Ella Boyet. 324
CHEATHAM, N. Gideon, 13 Jul 1876 - 18 Apr 1955. (Six Point, Hale Co. Tx. native; s/o Josiah Newton and Margaret H. Stockard Cheatham; h/o Cofie Lee McCaleb Cheatham. Ref: Bob Law.) 318
CHEATHAM , Cofie (Lee) Mc. (McCaleb)
, 31 Jan 1886 - 3 Jul 1974. (Maury Co. native; married Nathaniel Gideon Cheatham on 4 Jan 1903 in Fountain Creek, Maury Co. Tn.; their children where: Jessie Mae, Hubert Gideon Sr., John Thomas, Claude, Clyde Kenneth, Howard Anderson, Ira Hill and Ray Lee Cheatham. Ref: Bob Law.) 317, 318
KARNES, Frank Allen, 3 Feb 1930 - 20 Feb 1931. (Davidsn Co. Tn. native; s/o William & Matilda Thompson Karnes; Ref: Bob Law.) 315, 316, 326
THOMPSON, Allen Curtis, 4 Mar 1899 - 4 Mar 1916. (s/o Andrew Wesley & Mattie Thompson.) Ref: Bob Law. 325
THOMPSON, Andrew W. (Wesley), 8 Apr 1878 - 6 May 1938. (Marshall Co. native; h/o Mattie Osborne Thompson. Ref: Bob Law.) 314, 313, 341
THOMPSON, Mattie (Ida) O. (Osborne), 30 May 1878 - 21 Jul 1971 (Marshall Co. Tn. native; w/o Andrew Wesley Thompson. Ref: Bob Law.) 314, 313, 341

I (Faye Bradford) have pictures from Boyet Cemetery. These came from my daughter. They were made on June 9, 2012 by Pam McAlpin and Melissa Atkins, my two daughters. Pam has wanted to join us on a cemetery trip for a long time and as we were leaving our family reunion we drove back out Bear Creek Pike and took a right at the end. We were enjoying the drive and were almost to Lewisburg when Pam saw this little green Cemetery sign on the left side of the road. All of the other cemeteries we saw  before that we had already done.

This cemetery is so close to the (Ellington) airport that the fields behind it look like they are a part of it. You go right through an opening in the very grown up fence row beside the cemetery sign and you are in a field with just a path across it. If you look in front and over to the right across the first field area you see a spot where the grass is clipped very close, just enough to park a couple of cars and you see a fenced in area where the cemetery is located. Pam made the photos as I told her how we needed them and Missy did the chalking. She knew Pam wanted to do that one. I told her also to get several area shots.

The cemetery is well maintained. The grass was cut short. I do wish some of the greenery around a couple of the markers could have been cut back. It is completely shaded by trees and growth around the fencing and has at least two huge cedar trees right in the middle.  [Faye Bradford 22 Jun 2012.]

Visited & photographed 29 Jun 2012 by Pam & Melissa Atkins, in the helpful presence of their mother Faye Bradford. Initial typing by Faye.  Added to this site 24 Jun 2012 by C. Wayne Austin. Also published in the book Marshall County Cemeteries, Page 48 by the Tim & Helen Marsh.


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