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From the above map we see the James Boatright Cemetery GPS location. It is  at Lat/Long N 35.9971 X W 87.06771.

Location: Going South on I-65 take Exit 27 and go thru Lynnville to Waco aka Old Lynnville then left (south) on Hwy 31 for a few hundred yards where you will turn right on the Yokley to Waco Road. Follow that for a couple of miles and look to you right at a brick home and barn that sits in front of the cemetery. The Cemetery is on the hill above and behind the barn at the top of a steep hillock. Proper right of way and access to this cemetery I am not aware of. I found the owner gone so I took my ladders and set them up to scale over the fences to prevent damage and got into the cemetery that way. The real access must be from the old John "Doc" Barlar place to the north and from the west side. The cemetery is nicely fenced but with a solid gate, but the weeds were head tall and had to be mashed down to make the photos. Remember there are cattle all around here that do not need to be disturbed.
Here we see the red check showing the location on a hillock where this cemetery resides. I should remind you this is all private property except the cemetery so needs permission to visit to keep down any disagreement with the land owner.

I have depicted various details in this mapping. It is clear enough to make out the corners of the fence and reflections of the light colored stones in this cemetery. Where the Cattle fence is labeled there is no gate along that fence anywhere so your real access is from the north side of the cemetery from the old John "Doc" Barlar home-place. There is a locked gate on that road so to get past that and into this field where the cemetery resides is another question of whom to see. Doc Barlar (still existing house, northwest 300 yards) lived from 1861 to 1949 and is my (C. Wayne Austin) great-great uncle. He owned this farm in his adulthood. They used to have reunions here every year on the anniversary of his marriage beginning on the 50th year and big gatherings occurred with usually more then 50 kin folk present. See Mid Tennessee Cousins web site. Also for that one see
Maps from Topozone & MS Streets & Trips & MS Bing mapping sites, modified for this site by Wayne Austin, 29 Aug 2010.