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Since the John Black Cemetery is not on the USGS mapping I have compiled & extracted this map from Topozone/Google to show the GPS or Latitude & Longitude of this cemetery. The 797 feet above sea level must be on the other side of that thick brown line though and is not compatible with the red check above. The red check shows the location on this Topographical map. Another calculation by C. Wayne Austin 29 Dec 2013 yields this GPS. It is hard to tell in the woods the exact center of the cemetery: N 35.06319 W 87.15405. The cemetery is closer to the Highway 11 than the old barn.

This very large 1876 D.G. Map of property owners of Minor Hill, Giles Co. shows several of the folks buried in the John Black Cemetery as living inside or near Minor Hill; as members of or descendents of the Appleton or Black family, A. J. (Andrew Jackson) Black. N. Appleton., A.M. Appleton, Yarbrough, J.F. Black. To place the John Black Cemetery on this map notice the lettering Minor Hill P.O.. The cemetery today is located just above and slightly to our right of the "O" of "P.O." 

This large scale map shows a yellow arrow pointing out where the cemetery is located on a hill side above an old barn at the bottom of the hill. All this is across the Minor Hill Road from the junction of Minor Hill Road & Black Road on the left as you travel down the steep Minor Hill. This is after one leaves the main area of Minor Hill at the top of the hill. This cemetery is still in the Black family descendents, owned currently (2010) by Jimmy Black.

This Aerial view shows the cemetery pointed out with a red check. Please ask Mr. Jimmy Black the land owner for permission to go there and at the same time he will help you locate the cemetery.
As of now this is the official instructions to the cemetery: As you go down the hill on Hwy 11, there is an old barn (falling down) on the left. On the hill just (southeast) above the barn is the cemetery in the woods. It is not fenced and cattle walk through it. This land is still in the Black family hands and has been in their family since the cemetery was started or before.
Mapping from 1878 DG Beers mapping/Google Mapping. Modified and added here 31 Jan 2010 by Wayne Austin.