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A. (Alexander II & perhaps I) Black home locations can be seen inside the yellow circles as owning 230 acres each. This likely was the home sites of Alexander Black 1st and Alexander Black 2nd each at 230 acres. Since Pulaski has expanded to the north the today's cemetery is difficult to place based on this map.

This map shows inside a yellow circled highlighted area an area marked off as the home-site and also gravesites of Alexander Black (I) born 1777; Alexander Black (II) born abt 1810.

This Topographical Map shows the area of the cemetery. This cemetery is not placed by GSIS mapping. The coordinates are Latitude 35.21398 degrees North, Longitude 87.04803 degrees West. This is my best estimate and may contain small errors.

Going west out of town up Madison St. one merges into Rocky Road. Go down Rocky Road Hill and just before coming to the Intermet Factory on the right (which is closed now) you will see a private road that turns right. An old house probably connected with the Alexander Black family somehow is in the thickets abandoned, but there is 1st a newer brick house on the right of the road after you turn. That is the Bugg Home. I think it is the Joe M. Bugg instead of Stancil Bugg according to the Telephone Book. Go past the entrance to the Bugg home and the road will begin to bend around. As you bend sharply right at the end of the road is today a long trailer or modular house which faces due west. The cemetery will be straight behind that house about 240 feet or 80 yards. To the east of the cemetery is an open field. The Buggs' know where the cemetery is and can explain the location from their house. Mr Bugg runs an electrical company at 325 W. College Street.

From here we can see the Old home probably connected to the Alexander Black family somehow as I judge it to be old enough. I think two modular houses have been aligned end to end to form one long home and the cemetery is due east of that home about 240 feet or 80 yards. Looks like from the above Arial map someone at one time mowed a zigzag area to the cemetery but that is now grown up in briars now. 
Mapping from 1878 DG Beers mapping/Bing mapping/MS Terra mapping. Modified and added here 30 Jul 2009 by Wayne Austin. Revised for the above directions by Jean B. Cosby & a visit there 29 Sep 2009.