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Photos of the Cemetery:5002/5003/5004/5005
Cemetery signage posted on a tree:5006

BILLINGTON, Ezekiel, Mar 22, 1759 - Sep 29 1846, Private New Jersey Militia, Revolutionary War Soldier. 5001
BILLINGTON, John, 16 Sep 1816 - 2 Feb 1892.5004
BILLINGTON, Caroline V., wife of John Billington, 23 Dec 1819 - 29 Feb 1888.5004
BILLINGTON, Rubin, 23 Mar 1823 - Died 1899.5004
BILLINGTON, Matilda, 2 Feb 1825 - 3 Mar 1904. 5004
BILLINGTON, Jennie M., wife of E. P. Billington, 15 Jun 1844 - 13 Aug 1876.5004
BILLINGTON, Laura. dau of E. P. & Jennie, 13 Apr 1876 - 9 Aug 1876.5004

E-mail exchanges that led to posting this cemetery and its photos:

Re: Ezekiel Billington Grave TN
From:marcia.williams <>
To:wayneal1 <>
Date:Wed, Jun 6, 2012 6:47 pm

J.B. Winn would be the best one to carry on with keeping this cemetery active on the internet. I think J.B. younger than the rest of us. I try to keep in touch with his mother Sharon. I live in Iowa and they live in Missouri. I wish we had some one closer to continue on. Margaret Billington is in her 70's and still takes care of the Billington cemetery across the road from her home which is less than 5 mi. from this farm inside Maury County and north of Hwy 99: (Billington Cemetery, Maury County)

Ezekiel's tombstone is not up next to Hwy 99. It is in the middle of a pasture where Frank Osteen has cows on this(his)land. I received permission from him and met his daughter Rebecca who let me into the property to get back to the grave. The gate to the house is locked and has a security system on it. Frank is the one who is trying to clean up the area on his land. this is his email if you need to gain access. He is the one to contact about further maintenance of this grave site as the cemetery is on his private property.
I am attaching some photos, I took the first 2 and Frank sent me the other 2 showing how it looked last fall.

As far as putting some of this information on the Find-a-Grave site I don't have a problem with that but I credit J.B. Winn's leadership for his efforts to clean up this area. I know his father Lonnie was having health issues earlier in April so I don't know where they stand on upkeep.

Thank you for your efforts and the posting to findagrave and this site.

Marcia Billington Williams

To: "marcia williams" <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 6, 2012 4:17:57 PM GMT -06:00 US/Canada Central
Subject: Re: Ezekiel Billington Grave TN

I am unrelated to the Billingtons, but keep my ears attuned to historic information like this to add to and/or my cemetery site. If you would like that record to maintain it on findagrave let me know and I will transfer it to you. Especially if you are younger than I. "Maintain it" on means nothing except simply make any updates or changes in the future if additional information becomes available no so unlike you do on

I think it was J.B. Winn who gave me permission and help to post all that, but unfortunately since I did not visit the site I am guessing at the mapping. However it is a very experienced guess using the latest techniques and maps on the internet coupled with that J.B. said and the book Marshall County Tennessee Cemeteries. It is important to say this cemetery has not been mapped so is left off of all national mapping efforts to locate all the cemeteries.

I will still maintain the cemetery since all that Latitude & Longitude stuff blows some folks away.

I would like to do better job of locating the stone. I initially had the cemetery located in a ditch beside the road in front of an old abandoned house? The job of posting the Lat/Log is some easier since the stone was located in the Billington Cemetery of Marshall County which is in the county cemetery book.

C. Wayne Austin

From: Marcia.Williams <>
To: C. Wayne Austin <>
Sent: Tue, Jun 5, 2012 11:29 am
Subject: Ezekiel Billington Grave TN

Hi! I found you through Find a Grave and information you posted about Ezekiel Billington 1759 - 1848. He is buried near Lewisburg, TN.
Ezekiel Billington was my 5th Great Grandfather. I searched for his grave and was assisted by Margaret Billington who lives near this farm where he is buried. James Brent Winn and his father Lonnie Winn came from Missouri in Jan. 2003 and cleared this area and put a fence around it. J. Brent had been in the Marines and contacted the Veterans Administration to report that there was a Revolutionary War Veteran buried in this cemetery. The VA provided the stone and they placed it in this cemetery in 2003.

I am Marcia Billington Williams and I found Margaret and have kept in touch with her. Working with her we located the current owner of this farm. We got permission to come on to the land and I took a couple of pictures and posted them on with my Family Tree "James Billington 1723. This was Ezekiel's father.

I thought I would pass along this information. The farm is now owned by Frank Osteen who lives in Georgia. I have been in touch with him and he is trying to clean this area up and maintain it in between his busy working schedule. His email address is:
This is the email address for Lonnie and Sharon Billington Winn who placed the stone:

Marcia Billington Williams
(515) 778-4700
221 S 52nd St
W. Des Moines, IA 50265

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