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Mapping the Location

BEASLEY, John A., 14 Oct 1822 - 3 Oct 1899.  9387C/9387/9388
BEASLEY, Sarah C., nee Wells, wife of John A. Beasley, 25 Jul 1828 - 20 May 1898.  9389C/9389
BEASLEY, Lucius Rebel, son of J. A. & S. C. Beasley, 18 Apr 1865 - 22 Dec 1866. 9391
BEASLEY, John E. Beasley, died 8 Jan 1889, Aged 28 yrs. 1 Mo. 6 Das. We miss you and will fondly cherish your memory and many virtues9392
BEASLEY, Rev. Mabron J. F., son of J. A. & S.C. Beasley, consort of M. G. Beasley, 2 Dec . . . . . . . (given names looks like it is spelled Maborn; stone has grown into a tree +From C. Harris 1965 notes: Rev. Mabron Beasley b. 2 December 1853, d. 4 October 1884; wife was Mollie G. Beasley, 4 Dec 1855 - 7 Jan 1887) see photo #9406 across the tree next to the driveway. 9405
BEASLEY, Mollie G., wife of M. J. Beasley, 4 Dec 1855 - 7 Jan 1887. 9406
BEASLEY, Daisy V., daughter of J. A. & S. C. Beasley, 13 Aug 1874 - 3 Sep 1874. 9390
BUTLER, Mable Small, wife of J. F. Butler,  25 Apr 1880 - 24 Nov 1909. Though lost to sight to memory dear.  9393/9401
GARNETT, Anthony, 22 June 1818 - 14 April 1885.  Mason 9402
MOONEY, Alice? G. Small, wife of G. H. Mooney, 3 Jun 1889 - 25 Mar 1911.  Savior Lead Me. Though lost to sight to memory dear.  (This stone covered by large Rose Bush. Without permission to clear it the photo missed the given name. This inscription has not been correctly published stone. In that given name I can confirm only the middle initial G.) 9395/9396/9397/9398/9399/9400/9400G
SMALL, R. C., 20 Jun 1850 - 25 Jan 1893. 9394
WILLIAMS, Sarah J., wife of C. P. Williams, 2 Sep 1849 - 20 Oct 1879. (stone not found. Large tree limb had fallen and buried it under the rubble.)

Grave marked with fieldstone, under Mr. Lindsey's left Shoe: 9403
Possible grave sink with no stone marking the head: 9404

In an adjacent fenced area there is a recent family member of the present inhabitants of the old John Andrew Kerr home. She is interred under a modern a monument. Names withheld because of privacy concerns.

The present owners of this property are the Lindsey family. This property was known in times past as the Kerr Farm having last been in the hands of surviving Kerr brothers & sisters. The father was John Andrew Kerr and the mother's maiden name was Fogg. Prior to the Kerr family best I can tell this was the Beasley family property, but maybe another family in between. The home here was originally of log construction founded in 1844 likely by John A. Beasley. Like many of the original homes it has been expanded and modernized over the years.  As told to Mr. Lindsey by one of the remaining lady Kerr descendents in the 1960s.

If you have done research and know the confirmed given name of Alice? G. Mooney above please write and let us know:

This publication is based on the photography and visit by C. Wayne Austin 7 Feb 2012. Photographed with the help of Mr Lindsey who owns the property . Added to this site 7 Mar 2012 by C. Wayne Austin. This listing was previously published in the book Giles County Tn Cemeteries by the Historical Society, 1985, page 14.