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AUSTIN/HARLOW/CRONEY CEMETERY, GILES COUNTY, TENNESSEE  (Liz Carlin of Austin Family Association of America.)
From: Wayne Austin
Date: 10 Mar 2010

Liz I am a serious graveyard researcher, much more than just an Austin graveyard researcher. I wanted to give you the Austin listings in the Austin/Croney/Harwell Cemetery that I have now confirmed against the tombstones. There were errors in the books and other evidence that suggest relationships there. I see this all the time in graveyards, though some relationships may not necessarily be written in the inscriptions. This is some of my analysis on the Austin portion of this graveyard. I see the genealogy of James only mentions a daughter but I believe at least the W. E. Austin to be a son based on the way the graves are laid out in this cemetery. here is my listing and some analysis. I will add more information to this as I get closer to publishing this cemetery on the Internet at the URL I sent you earlier.

AUSTIN, James, (b. 8 Dec 1772) d. 18 Oct 1840,  Aged 67 yrs, 10 mo. 10 days
, 29 Oct 1825 ,  Aged 50 yrs, 6 mos., 29 das. (wife of James, AFAOA list her maiden name as Keeling)

AUSTIN, John V.,  1 Nov 1858 - -- Apr 1861. "son of W.E. & Mary E. Austin"
AUSTIN, Lucinda P., 13 Mar 1878 - 13 Jul 1878. (infant stone not found in 10 Mar 2010 survey by Wayne Austin.)
AUSTIN, W. E., 23 Oct 1817 - 3 May 1876. (probably the son of James & Mary Keeling Austin as the stone is next to James & Mary Austin in the same row.)

, 25 Oct 1832 - 27 Jan 1910.  (Believe this is the wife of W. E. Austin as she and W.E. inscriptions are on the same tombstone.)

AUSTIN, unknown, (Fieldstone marked grave with no inscription on the north side of Ruby J. Austin which is likely her husband. No other graves are around those two.)
AUSTIN, Ruby J.,
16 May 1854 - 11 Dec 1900. (Giles Co cem book transcribed this as Reuben James Austin w/same dates. Reuben James is a male gender name. The tombstone shows a ladies name and it list this epitaph: "A loving wife and mother dear lies buried here". This confirms the Giles Co cemetery book is listed incorrectly.  [WA 14 mar 2010])

AUSTIN, Sarah H., 18 Sep 1781 d. 3 Dec 1870,  aged 89 years. (maybe a single daughter of James as she is off by herself. Need more proof.)
DILLON, Edward Austin, d. 30 Sep 1826, aged 21 years, 10 months and 26 days. (He is probably the son of an Austin daughter of James' (b. 1772))

I believe the Harlows in this cemetery are related to the Austins. Some of the graves are in the same rows and even have some co-mingling of grave proximity. The Harlow's are fairly old, but I am not including them in this analysis. Chances are good there was an Austin daughter that married a Harlow. Croneys are much later (unless they are part of the early unmarked graves) and are interred on the other end of the cemetery so that lessens the chances of a relationship and may mean they bought the Austin farm. I am told it was a log structure with 60' length beams. After dismantling, these were sold to a Nashville Country Music Land Developer, to be used in a restoration effort.

I was told by the land owner of the Austin/Croney/Harwell Cemetery the Austins of the Austin Cemetery of Ardmore Tennessee are related even though that is partly in Lincoln county. He was only going on here-say so don't know how reliable that is. That is really only about 3- 4 miles southeast of here also in Giles County, but across the Elk River. I was referring to this Alexander Austin, b. 1864 a much later guy. I have seen his photo and he does some favor my father with the lanky prominent face & jaw line. However that is a common trait too.

Austin Cemetery, Ardmore, Lincoln County Tn. (about three miles southeast of Austin/Croney/Harwell Cem)
Austin, Alex b., Mar. 4, 1864 d. Nov. 23, 1934 
Austin, Alex C., Jr 40b. Feb. 23, 1915 d. Nov. 21, 1989 
Austin, C. H., II b. Oct. 4, 1948 d. Sep. 8, 2002 
Austin, Carter H., b. Oct. 6, 1896 d. Sep. 3, 1951 
Austin, Carter H., "Pete" b. Oct. 4, 1948 d. Sep. 8, 2002 
Austin, Dovie W,. b. Oct. 3, 1917 d. Aug. 2, 1994 
Austin, Jerrye Todd, b. Apr. 28, 1943 d. Nov. 3, 1995 
Austin, Maggie R., b. May 10, 1872 d. Jan. 30, 1953 
Murrah, Glen Dale, b. Sep. 18, 1940 d. Apr. 6, 2008 
Nelson, Catherine S. Austin, b. Sep. 14, 1908 d. Jun. 16, 1991 
Thomas, Byrom Scott, b. Oct. 9, 1972 d. Feb. 13, 1995

There are other Austins buried near in the Elkton/Carney/Camp/Miller Cemetery the largest cemetery of the Elkton community. This is northeast of here 2 miles as a crow flies.
Page 112-114 (Gi. Co. Cem. book)
Austin, Orville Ewing, 1859 - 1932.
Austin, Minnie Ron, 1865 - 1943.
Austin, Infant son of O.E. & M.R. Austin, 6 Nov 1896 - 5 Nov 1897. 
Austin, Infant son of O.E. & M.R. Austin, 25 Oct 1894 - 6 Nov 1897.
Austin, Kathleen, 29 Oct 1890 - 18 Jun 1900.
Austin, Frances Y., 20 Mar 1901 - 12 Oct 1979.
Austin, Eugene B., 19 Oct 1891 - 6 May 1960.
Austin, Tom Lee, 30 Dec 1874 - 23 Aug 1969.
Short, Mary Austin, 7 Dec 1903 - 10 Sep 1933.
Austin, William E., 1867 - 1955
Austin, Cora, 1875 - 1954.
Page 116 (Gi. Co. Cem. book)
Austin, Robert Lee, 1866 - 1943.
Austin, Mary E., 1894 - 1977.
Austin, Edwin C., 1924  - 1945. T/Sgt US Army WWII.
Austin, Thomas Earl, 23 Feb 1920 - 12 Feb 1982. Sgt US Marine Corp WWII.

Wayne Austin (researcher here)

From:  (Liz Carlin of Austin Family Association of America.)
To: Wayne Austin
Dated: 13 Mar 2010

Yes the tombstones are of James Austin and his wife Mary Keeling. James is a descendant of "VA William Wilson Austin." (see the Austin Families Assn of America Website, - at this link:

Colonel Alexander Austin is the grandson of William, son of William Wilson II.

Added here 20 Jun 2010 by Wayne Austin.