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Area Views of the cemetery many grave sinks here photos do not show them very well: 8126/8127/8131/8132/8166/8167/8168/8169/8170

ANDERSON, Jef., Son of A. & N. Anderson, 23 Dec 1851(or 4 or 7) - 6 May 1855. (This could be J.E.F. Anderson)
Inscription: JEF. son ofA & N.AN DER8eN ____ BORNED DEC 23 185L & DIED 6h DAY OF MAY 18.5.5 ___

Unknown small carved stone - perhaps a footstone. It has a heart carved on it:
Unknown fieldstone head and footstone with part of another monument in the middle:

Fieldstone marked graves-some stones fallen and some not properly set and are fallen:8123/8124/8125/8126/8127/8128/8129/8130/8131/8132/

This cemetery has one marked grave that I could find which is that of an Anderson child. Scattered over a large area of more than an acre are hundreds of unmarked graves including some that have fieldstones marking them and others that have grave sinks and probably still others without any visible indication of a grave. Considering this is only 2 miles west of Pulaski and surrounded by the rich bottom land of Richland Creek this place probably contains the graves of many folks that are missing from the known grave lists and some of them may be only on the censuses. This also could be an old slave graveyard used for the burial of slaves prior to 1865. It is not as some think that all other people had headstones and black slaves did not. The facts are not that simple. Anyone that fell below the ability or circumstances of purchasing a stone was subject to being buried without a marked headstone prior to about 1880. Stones were set for some later by children and others never had one set and you & I are faced with determining the vitals of our ancestors in other ways. This place in a way has the appearance of an Indian mound. While that could be it also may be just the remainder of a high place that whereby the southern part was chopped up and leveled for use in the New Highway construction leaving this high place jutting out abnormally looking. Old Topographical maps do not tell us much.

Rehoboth United Methodist Church in Tarpley:8120/8121C/8121/8122

Photographed on 20 Dec 2010 by C. Wayne Austin. This cemetery is not presented in the book Giles County Cemeteries by the Historical Society about 1988. Added here 27 Apr 2012 by CWA. does not have these listings presented.

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