ADAMS CEMETERY, (west, off of Hwy 31s, near Tarpley) GILES COUNTY, TENNESSEE

Mapping the location

Area Views of the cemetery: 0644/0645/0646/0668/0669/0670/0671/0672/0673/0674/0669W
The old House (or perhaps even a church) marked now only by Bear Grass, old scattered brick and foundation rocks. Also there are two very prominent old Cedars that were from the Adams era: 0676/0677/0678/0679/0680/0681/0682/0683/0684/0685/0686/0687/0688/0689/0690/0691/0692/0693
Distant view you will see from the Gravel Road looking east: 0675

ABERNATHY, Sue (Adams), consort of T. C. Abernathy 9 Feb 1846 - 12 Oct 1868. Aged 22 Yrs 8 Months & 3 days. 0656/0657/0658
ADAMS, Caroline Williams, 31 May 1820 - 1 Dec 1893, wife of William Tate Adams. (William Tate Adams buried in Williams Cemetery). 0649/0650
ADAMS, James Thomas, 29 Apr 1840 - 16 Oct 1896. Co G, Clack's 3rd Tenn Infantry, C.S.A. 0647/0665/0667
ADAMS, Mary E., 17 Dec 1836 - 28 Apr 1904. "wife of J. Thomas Adams"  0643/0644/0666
ADAMS, Lee Roy, 17 Sep 1875 - 18 Jun 1876, son of R. & Ann E. Adams. 0659
ADAMS, Robert
, 10 Aug 1843 - 28 Dec 1883, Co H 6th Tenn Cavalry C.S.A., Husband of Ann E. Adams. 0662/0663
ADAMS, William R., 2 Aug 1872 - 13 Feb 1891,  son of J. T. & Mary E. Adams. 0648/0661
ADAMS, William S., 17 Apr 1881 - 13 Aug 1881, son of R. & A. E. Adams. 0660
GOLIGHTLY, Mary C. Adams, 12 Mar 1839 - 24 Jul 1883, wife of 1st J.S.R. Brunson & 2nd J.W. Golightly, daughter of W.T. & C. Adams.0654/0655
SKEETS, Louise Adams, unknown b. date - 4 Apr 1858, wife of William (Wid) Skeets. (stone not found 22 Mar 2012, if here, grave is lost)

According to Flournoy Rivers notes, in the southern end of this graveyard are the graves of two Confederate soldiers killed when Gen. Hood came into Tennessee in the fall of 1864. No head or footstones. In recent times historians have marked the graves of these two brave soldiers:
KOONCE, Thomas, of Co. E. 12 Tenn. Cavalry, of Shelby Co., Tennessee, He was wounded 19 Oct 1864, 4 miles south of Pulaski, and died 19 Oct 1864, at the residence of W. T. Adams.
DALY, Capt. Edward, 12th Tenn. Cavalry, of Shelby Co., Tennessee, was killed 27 Oct 1864.
Possibly their relatives have searched in vain for these graves. On the wooden headstones long gone, the dates were originally carved, and afterwards were noted for preservation by Mrs. Adams.

Photographed on a wet & rainy day 22 Mar 2012 by C. Wayne Austin. In spite of using a umbrella please excuse the less than perfect photos resulting from a wet lens that shows spots.
These inscriptions were updated with any exception found or known by C. Wayne Austin. This publication culminated from various sources. First it was compiled by Faye Bradford, 23 Feb 2012.  Listed on page 5 of the book Giles County Cemeteries by the Historical Society about 1988. Added here 27 Apr 2012 by CWA. has these listings presented because I recently directed a party to the location of this cemetery over the internet.

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