Mapping the location

Historic Marker: Capt Charles Clayton Abernathy. 4311
Area overviews of the cemetery: 4312/4313/4314/4315/4316/4327/4344/4345/4346/4347/4348/4349/4350/4351/4352/4354
ABERNATHY, William, 4 Apr 1742, 8 Feb 1832, born Brunswick Co., Va. (No stone found 17 Mar 2011.)Grave Location query
ABERNATHY, Elizabeth Clayton, died 23 Oct 1815. (w/o William Abernathy; b.cira 1748; Ref: e-mail to Mary Bob from Rick Gray;
No stone found, no stone likely here for deaths occurring in 1815)
ABERNATHY, Alfred W., 25 Jun 1867 - 11 Sep 1868, son of A. J. & S. E. Abernathy, In memory of.(s/o Andrew Jackson Abernathy 
& Sarah Elizabeth Tally Abernathy; Ref: e-mail t Mary Bob from Rick Gray.) 4333/4334
ABERNATHY, George S., 12 May 1863 - 3 Sep 1866, son of A. J. & S. E. Abernathy. Giles Co. native; s/o Andrew Jackson Abernathy & Sarah Elizabeth
Tally Abernathy; Ref: Rick Gray e-mail to Mary Bob) 4333/4334
ABERNATHY, Charles Clayton, 27 Jul 1790 - 2 Jan 1877, Aged 86 Years, 5 Months & 6 Days; born in Brunswick Co Va. For more than half 
a century he was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and in his last moments was sustained by a living faith in Christ. His 
heart was always open to appeals for charity and his long and useful life was never marked by a dishonest heart. (s/o William Abernathy & Elizabeth Clayton
Abernathy; h/o Susannah Waddy Harris Abernathy, mar. 15 Jun 1815. Ref: e-mail to Mary Bob from Rick Gray.) 4340C/4340/4343
ABERNATHY, Susannah Waddy Harris, 2 Nov 1800 in Caswell Co. N. C. - 10 Apr 1840. Married 15 Jun 1815 to Charles Clayton Abernathy. (Her stone not found)
ABERNATHY, Elizabeth Hamilton (Dickson), 20 Dec 1818 - 13 May 1878. Our Mother. (d/o David Dickson & Elizabeth McNairy Dickson; 2nd Wife of Charles 
Clayton Abernathy married 16 Jul 1848. Ref: e-mail to Mary Bob from Rick Gray.) 4341/4342
ABERNATHY, James A., Son of Henry C. & Alcy C. Abernathy. Died 18 Jul 1856 Aged 1 day. 4328
ABERNATHY, Charley, 7 Oct 1856 - 13 Nov 1856. (Giles co. native; s/o Dr. Charles Clayton Abernathy Jr. & Martha James Stockard Abernathy; 
Ref: e-mail to Mary Bob from Rick Gray. Unmarked grave.)
MAY, Susannah H.(Harris), 25 Aug 1825 - 9 Jun 1856. wife of J. P. May. 4336/4337
MAY, Virginia, Born & Died 13 Jan 1851, child of Julius P. & Susanna H. May, Erected to the memory of. 4335C/4335
MAY, Leache Medora, 13 Jan 1851 - 11 Jun 1852, child of Julius P. & Susanna H. May, Erected to the memory of. 4335C/4335
MAY, Susanna Elizabeth, 23 Mar 1847 - 3 Feb 1848, child of Julius P. & Susanna H. May, Erected to the memory of. 4335C/4335 
MAY, John Allen, son of J.P. & S.H. May. 22 May 1856 - 15 Jul 1856. 4338
SMITH, Almus H., 1 Apr 1826 - 12 Feb 1867, In memory of. (no stone found)
TARPLEY, Silas S., 21 Feb 1818 - 22 Mar 1853, In memory of. 4317
YARBROUGH, Martha M., wife of W.H. Yarbrough, 23 Oct 1830 - 5 Sep 1875. 4319/4320
Footstone & base of very old broken head or footstone - no information: 4318
Unknown stones-parts of dismantled memorials others may contain inscriptions: 4321/4329/4339
Fieldstones marking graves: 4322/4323/4324/4325/4326/4330/4331/4332/4353

FOOTSTONES:  R. E. E. -   K. T.    -   M. V. T. (These notes from Giles Co Cemetery book and were not found 22 Mar 2012)

There was a note in the Giles County Cemetery book that stated "this cemetery was not updated because it was grown up too much in brush. Further it stated that "the inscriptions were taken from a family Bible" and I presume that means a cemetery listing. That accounts for the several listings above without a headstone photo. I have no confirmation of these, but share them with you in hopes someone can use them or clean up any errors that may occur from this publication.
This cemetery was cleared by cattle trampling on it. Small choice. Do you want brush or cleared cemeteries because the livestock are eating the weeds. To alleviate problems an old cemetery must be fenced and then maintained. Nothing short of that works, because the livestock knock the stones over, and the brush and eventually large trees destroy the graves & stones.

Visited & photographed 17 Mar 2011 by C. Wayne Austin & George Newman. Added to this site 26 Mar 2012 by Wayne Austin. Also found on page 4 of the book Giles County Cemeteries by the Historical Society.

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