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Etation School 1914 version 1

Ettation School -1914-

Students and teachers pictured are (This is a duplicate listing of above for the search engines)
1st Row: George Douglas and J. D. Gibson, teachers, Noble Foster, Paul Hardy, Innis Gibcomb, John 0. Benderman, Howard Gibson, Roger Usselton, George Scott, Mack Benderman, James Morrow and Alton McKissick.
2nd row: Pocahontus McKissick (Mrs. Roy France), Adrian Haley, Lizzie Foster (Mrs. Charlie Bray), Flora Chaffin (Mrs. H. S. Price), Kate Sutton (Mrs. Luther Mangrum), Mattie Sutton, Margaret Morrow, (Mrs. E. Dan Smith), Okeleen Logue (Mrs. Guy Benderman), Reba Logue (Mrs. Anderson Lovell), Gladys Gibson (Mrs. R. E. Allen), Fred Green, Herman Green, Paul Morow, Nick Green and Raymond Norman.
3rd row: Foxy Hardy, William Morrow, Ruby Sneed (Mrs. Elmer Cummins), Lillian Gibcomb (Mrs. Park Ring), Lurline Beckum (Mrs. Poplin Turner), Catherine Morrow (Mrs. Robert Moore), Icy Foster
(Mrs. T. H. Dugger), Clyde Morrow, Grace Benderman (Mrs. Parker Pullum), Douglas Benderman, Shelton King, Carl Benderman and Willie Overstreet.
4th row: Seth McKissick, Harlan Morrow, Floy Norman (Mrs. Noval Johnson), Eugenia Haley (Mrs. Gordon Henderson), Eldridge Chaffin, Jack Scott, Hazel Morrow, Herman Logue, William McKissick (deceased),
Charlie McKissick, Reed Morrow, Ward Foster, Hurbert England, Ray Gibcomb, Joe Morrow and Hazel Morrow.
This school burned in 1918 and they built one back in its place.

Do you know anything about this school near Mt. Pleasant? My parents/grandparents have made mention of a school on Terrapin Branch (Screamer) that burned down. Could this be it? Kathy Overstreet, 23 Jul 2013
 Kathy, the occurrence of familiar surnames specific to that area tells me chances are it was the school you mentioned as the Ettation School. That is SE of Mt Pleasant. All the fertile creek valleys such as Terrapin Branch and Scotts Creek and others of that area had large populations of children in the early 1900s that needed education.
BTW who was Willie Overstreet in the third row. Only Willie Overstreet I know of is in the Spencer Hill Cemetery & he would have been 34 at the time of this photo? Was he a teacher or administrator? CWA 24 Jul 2013

As posted on facebook by Kathy Overstreet 23 Jul 2013. The top version was sent in by Judy Forgos, of Ohio. 25 Jul 2013.