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        Carpenter Cemetery, Old Brick Road, J. C. Holt Property -  behind chicken house.
        Carter Cemetery, River Rd to Gargis Hollow Rd. then follow gravel Cemetery Rd.
        Faircloth Cemetery, River Road, East Colbert.
        Gargis (Henry) Cemetery, Sockwell Lane (one stone remaining - bottom of Vinson Cem page).
        Glenco Cemetery, Hwy 72 west- on premises of Rock Quarry.
        Harris (James) Cemetery, NW of Cherokee.
        Hatton Baptist Church Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant/Brick Rd - 1/2 mile E. of Old Brick Church Cemetery on right.
        Hennigan Cemetery, River Rd E. of Ford City N. of Road.
        Hobgood Cemetery, Hwy 133, aka Blocker Cemetery.
        Hogan Cemetery, Off Gagis Lane aka Lee Hi Acres Cemetery.
        King Cemetery, Off Cottontown Lane, Large private family cemetery.
        La Grange College Cemetery, La Grange Mountain.
        Leigh (Wm) Cemetery, Founder of Leighton interred here.
       Mayers Cemetery, Old Hwy 20 (Co. Rd 22)
       Mt Pleasant Cumberland Pres. Church Cemetery, County Line Rd, Junction of Mt Pleasant Rd.
       Murphy-Kemper-Cockburn Cemetery, TVA Reservation Rd.
        Old Brick Pres. Church Cemetery, (Mt Pleasant/Brick Rd - 500 yards east of County Line Rd.
        Preuit Cemetery, (Cottontown Lane, complete with photos.)
        Smith (John) Cemetery, Hwy 20 on S. side of road just east of Leighton
        Stanley Cemetery, S. of Little Hatton School 500 yards west of road in thicket.
        Streater Cemetery, Hwy 20 on S. side of road just east of Mathaler Lane
        Vinson Cemetery, Sockwell Lane-north side
        Wilson (David) Cemetery  County Line Rd. - N. of Leighton E. side of Rd.

        Cross (Clark) Cemetery on bank of Hwy 72 near Stevenson.
        Cross (Maclin) Cemetery CR 137 near Stevenson.
        Roach Cemetery, Fackler, CR 55 Complete, 40 Listings w/photos.

        Austin-Fuller Cemetery, Old Moulton Hwy at top of first hill on left near County Line.
        Kelly Cemetery, south of Hwy 20 on Co Road 434 in a cultivated field
        Holland Cemetery South of Hillsboro, Al.
        Masterson Cemetery, Hwy 24 Moulton Hwy, Co Rd 217/170-12 miles E., next of Morris Chapel Meth. Ch.
        Morris Chapel Cemetery, Hwy 24 Moulton Hwy, Co Rd 217/170-12 miles E., next of Morris Chapel Meth. Ch.
        Morris Chapel (Old) Cemetery, County Rd 316 N of Hwy 24 (Moulton Hwy
        Sivley Cemetery, Hwy 24 Moulton Hwy 11 miles west of Decatur on left.

        Butler Grave, S of Wheeler Dam Road.
        Coffee (Gen. John) Cemetery one of the most historic cemeteries in the south.
        Dean-McNairy Cemetery SE of Elgin Cross Roads.
        Ingram-Thornton Cemetery between Elgin Cross Roads & Rogersville.
        Liberty Cemetery Old Rogersville Al cemetery.
        Oliver-Beddingfield Cemetery, near Rogersville.
        Jackson-Butler Cemetery Wheeler Dam Rd on east side behind Livestock Auction barn in field

        Athens City Cemetery Map, Washington Street.
        Adams Cemetery #1, Located on Shoals Creek Rd, 8 listings & photos.
        Adams Cemetery #2, Located in historic Mooresville, 5 listings - numerous photos.
        Anderson (Frances) Cemetery, In a field, SW of intersection of Bowers & Browns-Ferry Rd)
        Andrews Cemetery, NW corner of Hwy 72 and Mooresville Road in field (French's Mill)
        Athens - Old City Cemetery, E. Washington Street. - difficult, but thorough survey.
       Atkinson-Harlow Cemetery, Limestone County, Veto - Spence Cave Road.
        Bailes Cemetery, Ragsdale Creek Rd- Murder story
        Berea Church Cemetery, Elk RIver Mills Rd
        Bethlehem Cemetery, Behind Bethlehem Methodist Church on  Bethlehem Rd
        Bibb Cemetery, Belle Mina, west on  Bibb-Garrett Rd.
        Black (Alexander) Cemetery, SE corner of the junction of Carey & Porter Gin Road
        Black (Isaiah) Cemetery, 70 yards north of Carey Road & 350 yards west of the rail road tracks in a thicket.
        Black (James L.) Cemetery, 100 yards south of McCormack Rd in a clump of trees.
        Blackwell-Collier Cemetery, Southeast Limestone County-very historic cemetery.
        Brooks Cemetery, Western Limestone County, S. of Hwy 72.
        Burrell Cemetery, Lucas Ferry Rd S of Athens
        Cambridge Meth. Church Cemetery, Cambridge Lane, 500+ photos
        Collier Cemetery #1, Hwy 99 to Robinson Road
        Cox Cemetery, Nuclear Plant Road, Browns Ferry.
        Cummings Cemetery, NW Limestone County, Al., Copeland Rd, North side
        Cunningham Cemetery, Limestone County, Al., Range 5w, Township 1, NE corner
        Delap-Clement Cemetery, Just off of Cedar Hill Rd near Ardmore
        Donaldson Cemetery, On n. side bank of Hwy 72, 1/2 mile west of Old Rail Road Bed Rd
        Evans Cemetery #2, Athens City Limits-Sportsplex
       Gamble Cemetery, Limestone County, Bibb-Garrett Rd next to I-65 in Industrial Park
       Glover Cemetery, near Burgreen Gin
       Gordon Cemetery, near Brown's Ferry N. Plant
       Hall Cemetery, Harvest Rd, Hall Cemetery Road
       Hardin Cemetery, Limestone County, Thatch Road.
       Harris Cemetery, at the historic Pryor House, Hwy 31
       Harrison Cemetery, Burgreen's Gin, Browns-Ferry  Road
       Hastings Cemetery, Ardmore - large Cemetery
       Holt Cemetery #1, Hwy 251 aka Old Hwy 31 -north of Hwy.
       Holt Cemetery #2, Yarbrough Road
       Hopwood Cemetery, State Line Road east of Ardmore
       Houston Cemetery, Limestone County, Fennell Road.
       Hudson Cemetery, Limestone County, western part.
       Isom Chapel Cemetery, Mooresville Road.
       Johnson Cemetery #1, Hwy 251/Johnson Cemetery Rd.
       Johnson Cemetery #2, aka Johnston Cem - Mooresville Rd.-West side
       Johnson Cemetery #3, Highway 31, south of Athens, African American, East side of road.
       Johnson Cemetery #4, Williams Rd. 25+ monuments
       Jones (John J.) Cemetery, Gray Rd, 2 listings
       Jones-Clay-Peete-Robinson Cemetery, Iron Gate Drive, 6 listings
       Jones-Donnell aka Hundley Cemetery, Greenbrier Al.
       Legg (Wid) Cemetery, S. of Bethel Tennessee 1 1/2 miles.
       Lucas Cemetery, Near Joe Wheeler Lake.
        Malone (Polly) Cemetery,  N. of Browns Ferry Rd.
Malone (Polly) Cemetery, African-American, Browns-Ferry Rd. (adjacent to old white graves
Martin Cemetery, Bradford Rd south of Hwy 72 and east of Athens
       McCargo-Newby-Crutcher Cemetery, Harvest Road
       McClellan Cemetery,
(Limestone County, AL. 10 mi east of Athens, Complete)
       McCully Cemetery, (5 mi northeast of Athens-listing only)
        Menefee Cemetery, Capshaw Road, N side.
Milhouse Cemetery, E of 251, N of Wooly Springs Rd.
Mitchell Cemetery #2, E of 251, E of Wooly Springs Rd.
Montgomery Cemetery, (down from the New Garden Cem in woods.
Mooresville (old) Cemetery, (south of Mooresville - by Michele Jackson - not on this site.
Morris Cemetery, South 1/2 mile from Robinson Road.
Motes Cemetery, North & beside Coggins Rd.
Nelson Cemetery, Buck Island Road NW Limestone County Al
New Garden Cemetery, Limestone County Al - Old Section
        New Garden Cemetery, Limestone County Al - Main Section
        New Oakland Bapt Ch. Cemetery, Limestone County Al
        Nick Davis Monument Cemetery, Nick Davis Rd - S Side
        Old German Cemetery, Clement Gin Rd - E Side
        Payne Cemetery, African American, near Tn State Line.
        Peebles Cemetery, Mooresville, Al.
        Peete Cemetery, near Madison, Al.
        Proctor Cemetery, SW of Athens 8 miles.
        Riddle Cemetery, Ripley Rd SW Limestone County Al
        Robinson Cemetery, Robinson Road North Limestone County Al.
Sherbert Cemetery, New Cut Road - four memorials.
Smith Cemetery#3, east of Hwy 127, northwest of Athens, Limestone County Al
Stewart Cemetery, Nuclear Plant Rd.
St. Marks/Old Baptist Church Cemetery, west of Hwy 127, near Elkmont
Sylone Cemetery, northeast Limestone County Al
Tate-Ashford Cemetery, southeast Limestone County Al
Tillery Cemetery, northwest Limestone County Al
Thach-Hussey Cemetery, south of Mooresville on Wheeler Wildlife Refuge
        Walton Cemetery, Barlow Rd, 9 listings and photos
        Withers Cemetery, County Line Road, 7 listings and photos
        Yarbrough Cemetery#1, On N. bank of Hwy 72, 3 miles east of Elk River
        Yarbrough Cemetery#2, African American - Snake Road east, off of County Road 33

        Adams-Crutcher Cemetery, Located off Jade Road far from the road, 4 listings & photos.
        Allison-Hewlett Cemetery, on Winchester Road listings & photos.
        Bailes-Broyles Cemetery, Hurricane Creek Valley. Rev. War Soldier monument.
        Bailey-Crutcher Cemetery, Mill Road in Madison in new subdivision.
        Bailey-Huse Cemetery, Jones Valley.
        Baker (Samuel) Cemetery, Hurricane Road
        Baker (William) Cemetery, Upper Hurrican Road
        Barclay-Toney Cemetery, Wall-Triana Highway S. Madison Co. Alabama.
        Battle (Josiah D.) Cemetery, Moores Mill Road, East Madison Co. Alabama.
        Batts-Ward Cemetery, Triana, African American.
        Bayless (Sanford) Cemetery, Wnchester Road, NE Madison Co. Alabama.
        Bayless-Eddins Cemetery, Old Rail Road Bed Road, NW Madison Co. Alabama.
        Bellview Cemetery, Bellview, NW Mad Co.
Rev War Soldier James Harless
        Bendall Cemetery, North of Hwy. 72 on a horse farm
        Bibb Cemetery, Mill & Bibb Roads, City of Madison Alabama.
        Blackburn Cemetery, Maysvile Road.
        Blankenship Cemetery, Moores Mill Road, Very old, also some African American graves.
        Bone Family Cemetery, Hurricane creek Rd - Bone-Wilburn Plantation.
        Bouldin-Hammond Cemetery, Between Hwy 53 & Wall Triana Highway.
        Bragg Cemetery, Hurricane Creek Valley west Madison County
        Britton Cemetery, NE Madison Co. AL
        Browning Cemetery, Alt Harvest Road - W of Harvest a few hundred yards.
        Burdine Family Cemetery, County Lake Rd.
        Cameron Un. Meth. Ch. Cemetery, Hurrican Valley.
        Carpenter (Hardy) Cemetery, Bo Howard Rd, 3 listings.
        Carroll Cemetery, Carroll Rd, 2 miles NW of Harvest.
        Cavett-Boggs Cemetery,
Revolutionary Soldier, here, Near Hwy 231.
        Center Hill Cemetery, Love Branch Road, NW of Harvest, AL
        Clark (Robert) Cemetery, Monroe Road,
Revolutionary Soldier, here
        Clift Cemetery, Hwy 72 West - 2 graves moved to old Madison Cem
        Clopton Cemetery, Still Cove Dr.
        Cochran Cemetery, New Market - 420 Listings and a few photos.
        Cole-Holloway Cemetery, Ready Section Rd area.
        Connally Cemetery, St Clair Lane -
Rev War Soldier, John Connally is believed to lye here
        Cornelius Cemetery, Bob Wade Lane aka Research Park Blvd
        Daniel-Lawler Cemetery, Maysville
        Davie Cemetery, W. Limestone Co Rd.
Rev War Soldier, Robert Davie
        Dedman Cemetery, Wall-Triana Highway - destroyed or lost
        Dement Cemetery, Research Park Blvd
        Donaldson Cemetery, Jimmy Fisk Road
        Douglass-Pettus Cemetery, Douglass Rd NW
        Drake (John) Cemetery, Garth Rd SE
Rev War Soldier, John Drake
        Drake-Keith Cemetery, Maysville, 2 graves
        Driskill Cemetery, Hwy 231 near state line.
        Echols-Hollowell Cemetery, Moores Mill Rd - Subdivision
        Eldridge-Powell Cemetery,  West Ridge Dr.
Rev War Soldier,  Peyton Powell
        Ellis Cemetery, Murphy Hill Rd
        Farley-Crutcher Cemetery, Shelton Rd.
        Freeman-Mitchell Cemetery, Opp Reynolds Rd.
        Fletcher Cemetery, African-Amer., Balch Rd 500 yards from Hwy 72 now next to Wal-Mart.
        Ford Cemetery, Moores Mill Rd. Photos & Listings
        Fords Chapel Cemetery, Yarbrough Rd - 650+ Listings and Photos
        Foster Cemetery, Walker  Rd., NE, Photos & Listings
        Golightly (Sarah) Cemetery, Shady Grove Road NW Madison County
        Gooch-Dublin Cemetery, Hughes Road - right side - several graves stones all fallen.
        Gray Cemetery, Balch Road, 15+ Listings,
(2) Rev War Soldier here.
        Griffin (Joseph) Cemetery, Monroe Road, 2 listings
        Hambrick Cemetery, Hurricane Valley, SE of New Market
        Hammond Cemetery, Hammond Road 18+ Graves complete. African Amer.
        Hammond-Edwards Cemetery, Orivill Smith Road complete African Amer.
        Hammond-Routt Cemetery, Bob Wade Lane 4 graves- not visited.
        Harris Cemetery, Off Blue Springs Rd.
 Rev War Soldier Richard Harris
        Harris Family Monument, Zierdt Road Triana
        Hereford Cemetery, Pulaski Pike, very old Cemetery
        Hereford-Jones Cemetery, Mountain Fork Rd, 50+ graves complete w/photos
        Higginbotham Cemetery, aka McCaleb-Fisk Cem
Rev War Soldier here. complete w/photos
        Hunt Cemetery, 2 stones, Macon Lane
        Hutchings Cemetery, 1 box tomb, Carroll Rd.
        Hyman Cemetery, 2 stones, Moores Mill Rd., Flint River Baptist Church
        Jacks Cemetery, New Market.
        Jamar Cemetery, Martin Rd.
        Jeffries-Routt Cemetery, (history behind this cemetery- Elizabeth, m. 6 times.
Soldier of the Revolution.)
        Jones (Judy) Cemetery, Old Mountain Fork Rd., large area, few stones
        Jones (Mary) Cemetery, with Perkins cem bottom of page - one grave
        Joyner Cemetery, Small family Cemetery
        Kelly Cemetery Kelly Cem Rd near research Blvd.
        Kincaid Cemetery off Charity Lane, very old Cem.
        Liberty Hill Cemetery Darwin side and west side of Liberty Hill Rd.
        Lawler (Ben) Cemetery Brock Rd., Brownsboro
        Love-Wilburn Cemetery Just off of Douglas Road in Subdivision
        Manning Cemetery Sulfur Springs.
        Massengale Cemetery Hurricane Road Two inscribed markers.
        Matlock Cemetery Grimwood Rd.
        McCaleb-Fisk Cemetery aka Higinbotham Cem Grimwood Rd.- north side. (lost cemetery)
        McCrary-Wright Cemetery Riverton Road.
Rev War Soldier here.
        McCrary-Macon-Wright Cemetery Macon Lane.
        McDavid (James) Cemetery Bobo Section Rd near Hwy 231.
        Mitchell (Obediah) Cemetery Monroe Rd., ono inscribed stone other graves.
        Moore (Herman) Cemetery Harvest Road, African American, WWI soldier
        Moore (James) Cemetery Elkwood Section Rd.
Rev War Soldier(s) here
        Murphy Hill Cemetery Murphy Hill Rd.- west side.
        Nance Cemetery, Sharps Hollow Rd. complete.
        Nance-Sale Cemetery, Burwell Rd, complete.
        Newby Cemetery, Toney Road NW Madison County
        Nickle-Martin-Rathbone Cemetery, New Market, 50+ Listings & 65 Photos
        Norris Cemetery, New Market, 50+ Listings & 65 Photos
        Norris Cemetery #2, Hurricane Valley 15+ Listings & Photos
        Otey Cemetery, Green Lawn Plantation, about 14 burials
        Palmer/Cartwright-Crutcher Cemetery, Palmer Rd 100 yards from Junction of Co. Line Rd on S. side of Rd.
        Patton Cemetery, African American. east side of Riverton Rd.
        Perkins-Jones Cemetery, Campus of UAH -
Rev. War soldier's memorial here.
        Pettey Cemetery, Macon Lane.  -
Rev. War soldier's memorial here.
        Pettey-Spragins Cemetery, Mint Springs Rd, west side no photos.
        Pettus-Thompson Cemetery, off of Pettus Road in woods behind subdivision.
        Pike-Sanderson Cemetery, Balch Rd 500 yards from Hwy 72 on west side on hill.
        Power Cemetery, Frank Hereford Rd-2 stones.
        Rowe Cemetery, Wall-Triana Hwy, S. Madison Co.
        Sandidge-Nuckolls Cemetery, Very Old cemetery, 10+ Listings & 25+ Photos
        Sanford Cemetery, Stone Dr. 10+ Graves & Photos
        Sisco Cemetery, Huricane Valley several graves..

        Sivley Cemetery, Huntsville, John Hunt Park.
Rev War Soldier here. Founder of Huntsville remains could be here.
        Smith Cemetery, Subdivision, Lincarrie Lane off of Nick Davis Rd.

        Spriggs Cemetery, Kelly Hill Rd.

        St. Clair Cemetery, 40+ Listings Hurricane Valley.

        Steele Cemetery, 10+ Listings Winchester Hwy (65).

        Stone Cemetery, Northeast section of county
Rev War Soldier Reuben Stone has memorial here
        Strong-Douglass Cemetery, Northeast of the junction of Monroe Rd and Pulaski Pike

        Strong (George) Cemetery, (listed at the bottom of the Charles W. Strong Cem.)

        Strong (Charles W.) Cemetery, Mt Charron Rd.

        Thompson Cemetery, behind the Madison Co Co-op.
        Triana (old) Cemetery, Triana, Alabama
        Townsend-Coover Cemetery, Hazelgreen.
        Tuck Cemetery, SW corner of Wall-Triana Highway&
 Dorning Road.
        Union Hill Cemetery, Winchester Rd..
        Vasser-Pettus Cemetery, east of Pine Grove road where the road spans northward.
        Wade Cemetery, n. side of Bob Wade Lane.

        Welbourn-King Cemetery, e side of Hwy 231, Hazel Green.

        White-Lewis-Hilliard Cemetery, w. of the Skylane Blvd. 100 yards, a subdivision road & n. of Nick Davis Road 500 yards.

        Whitman Cemetery, New Market, 10+ Listings and photos

        Wiggins Cemetery, Industrial park near Airport.

        Wilburn Cemetery, Jeff Rd - lost headstone info-included.

       Austin Cemetery, (inside Decatur, Austinville, near Austin Hi. school)
       Ballinger Cemetery, (Sharps Ford Rd. Modern cemetery - kept up.)

       Blackwell Cemetery, (on the grounds of Decatur Golf & Country Club)
       Kimbell Cemetery, ULA property 35+ Listings & photos, Hwy 20/72
       Stephenson-Burleson Cemetery, (on the grounds of Decatur Golf & Country Club)

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