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Mapping the Location

LOCATION: Section 26 Township 2S Range 1W. W/2 SE SW. Located at the back of the barn lot on the old Bob Wade estate on Bob Wade Lane on the south side of the creek.

Note: There are no remaining stones in this cemetery. The owner of the estate told Dorothy Johnson about 1978 that when they bought the land they were told this place was the location of the old Wade family cemetery. There were no stones there when they bought the place and it is not proven who is buried there. We take the common assumption that the Wade parents and unmarried daughters are interred here and that the married children moved away to their own new locations for eventual burial grounds. All dates are from the censuses or Cemeteries of Madison Co Ala as compiled by Dorothy Johnson. So let us continue with the likely assumption the David Wade family is buried here - all who are listed are in unmarked graves today:

WADE, David, Cir 1784 - Cir 1861 living in the 1860, native of Virginia, Farmer by trade, died just prior to Civil War (begun 1861)
WADE, Eliza, Cir 1794 - died abt 1855, (before 1860 and after 1850), native of Virginia, w/o David Wade nee Eliza Grantland
WADE, Amanda, Cir 1820 - 1898, native of Ala - remained unmarried. Died 1898.
WADE, Harriet, Cir 1828 - died about 1875 before Amanda, native of Ala., remained unmarried.

In Spring of 1817, three Wade brothers, David, Littleberry and John, left their home in Virginia to build a life on the New Frontier across the mountains. This was in the Mississippi Territory in the eastern section which would become North Alabama Twickingham (Huntsville) and Mooresville were two thriving villages around that time.
John settled in Tennessee but David and Littleberry came on down to what would become North Alabama. David settled on what is known today as Bob Wade Lane (named after Robert "Bob" Wade, a son) on a western branch of the Beaverdam Creek, while Littleberry chose land over the mountain in the Big Cove area.

David and his wife Eliza, nee Eliza Grantland of Virginia, had six children:
Margaret A. Wade married John P. Turner (of Limestone Co.) 16 Jan 1838 (Madison Co marriage).
Amanda Wade    - never married. Died 1898. Managed the farm after her father David's death.
Malvinia Wade  - no information known.
David Wade Jr. - married (1st) Mary F. Sibley 11 Nov 1857, (2nd) Parolee T. Wooldridge 24 Jul 1861 in Madison Co Ala
Harriet Wade   - never married. Kept house for Amanda after her parent's death.
Robert B. Wade - married Mary P. Boggess 23 Apr 1851 in Madison Co Ala

Census info for these families:
Federal Census, Oct. 30, 1850, Household #65 (2nd Regiment #33):
Wade, David,      (66) Va, farmer - $17,000. (died Just prior to Civil War).
Wade, Eliza,      (56) Va (died before David. Sshe does not show in the census of 1860.)
Wade, Amanda,     (30) Ala - never married. Died 1898.
Wade, Harriet,    (22) Ala - died before Amanda.

Federal Census, June 22, 1860 (Meridianville PO) Dwelling house #229 & #230:
Wade, David,     (76) Va,  Farmer  HH#229, $20,000 Realty, $24,240 Personal Property.
Wade, Francis D.,( 1) Ala
Wade, David, (Jr)(36) Ala, Farmer  HH#230,    $000 Realty, $22,040 Personal Property
Wade, Amanda,    (35) Ala
Wade, Harriet,   (30) Ala

Federal Census, July 21, 1870 (Range 2, Township 1 Huntsville PO) Dwelling house #360:
Wade, Amanda,    (47) Ala, $800 Realty, $10,000 Personal Property.
Wade, Harriet,   (42) Ala, $800 Realty, $10,000 Personal Property
Wade, Sarah,     (53) Ala,   $0 Realty, $10,000 Personal Property

Federal Census, Oct. 31, 1850:
Wade, Littleberry (63) Va, farmer - $4,000.(Littleberry Wade married Sarah A. Christian 4 Mar 1839)
Wade, Sarah,      (41) Ala
Glover, Calvin    (22) Ala

Federal Census, Nov. 24, 1850:
Wade, Robert,     (23) Ala, Tanner (turned animal skins into clothing).

Other Wade Marriages of Madison Co Alabama:
James Wade +married+ Harriet Vaughn, 20 Dec 1825
Thomas E. Wade +married+ Dora Kelly, 30 1852
Calvin Wade +married+ Nancy Ann Jacobs, 28 Sep 1862
Eugenia N. Wade +married+ Andrew J. Grayson, 22 Jan 1874

If you find errors or additional information about any of the Wade families, i.e., burials or census info for the above please E-mail your corrections to C. Wayne Austin at <> for update postings.

Listings & Links developed by C. Wayne Austin from census information along with the book "Cemeteries of Madison Co. Al." by Dorothy Johnson abt 1978 page 160 Vol I. Added here with appropriate commentary & editing by Wayne Austin 26 Mar 2014.