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Triana Cemetery Signage: 6363
Several large 6 sided concrete slabs - what purpose do these serve?
Area views of the Cemetery:
Other photos inside the Toney/Garner rock wall enclosure. No doubt there are more graves in there:
Another Rock Wall enclosure (very old) using large long interlaced stones - can be seen from the photo on the left of the  large Toney/Garner enclosure:

ARNETT, William C., Son of A. R. & H. A. Arnett, born April 19, 1873, died November 8, 1874.
ATKINSON, Mary R., no other information, footstone M.R.A.
ATKINSON, C., no other information, footstone C.A.
BALL, Nellie (Miss), 1834 - 1913 (shares stone with Pauline Ball Herring)
BALLENGER, Mary A., In memory of Mary A. Ballenger. born October 14, 1811, died February 1, 1843.
COSBY, L., no other information.
CRITZ, Harriett Z., Mrs. Harriett, wife of George E. Critz & daughter of Margaret & Caleb Toney, born Sept. 4, 1840, died April 9, 1860. Awaiting the resurrection,
DILLARD, J.O., no dates given, Private Company F. 7th Alabama Calvery, Confederate States Army,
GARNER, Edwin, born Dec. 5, 1858 - died Dec. 16, 1858. (only fragment of stone remains)
GARNER, Alice E., born Oct. 15, 1854-died Dec. 18, 1859.
GARNER, Adaline, born Oct. 1, 1831 - died Nov. 6, 1867. (Robert G. Toney, Harris Toney and Adaline Garner & Adelaide Toney are buried in a plot surrounded by a rock wall.)
HAFLEY, Martha A., In memory of Martha A., wife of James M. Halfley and the daughter of James & Alesey Atkinson. (born cir March 9, 1827) died July 25, 1853. age 26 years, 4 mo., & 16 days. (stone pinned and buried under a large Cedar Tree Trunk)
HAFLEY, Clarinda, Wife of R. Hafley, born March 4, 1833 - died Nov. 25, 1880.
HAFLEY, R. H., born October 10, 1823 - died May 3, 1888.
HATTON, James, Sacred to the memory of James Hatton who (born cir 1804) died February 23, 1847 aged 43 years.
HATTON, John Robert, son of James & Mary Hatton,  born April 10th, 1843, died December 29th, 1844.
HERRING, Pauline Ball, 1832-1913 (shares stone with Nellie Ball)  Note: Pauline J. Ball married Jacob L. Herring Dec. 16, 1857 (MB-4)
JONES, Lizzie A., In Memory of Lizzie A. Jones, born Aug 21, 1843, died October 8, 1857.
KIRBY, William,  In Memory of William Kirby who (born cir August 27, 1792) died December 30th, 1846, aged 54 years, 4 mo. and 3 days. Note: William Kirby married Elizabeth Huston, Jan 8, 1830.
LEWIS, M. A., Sacred to the memory of M. A. Lewis, born in Louisa County, Va., May 25, 1809 - died September 4, 1861. Meriwether A. Lewis married Charlotte Hudson Oct. 23, 1834.
LEWIS, Charlotte E.L., Consort of M.A. Lewis, born Aug. 28, 1814, died Jan. 20, 1856.
(all I saw remaining was a fragment with "CHAR" and another w/part of the dates) 6400/6401/6402/6403/6406
LEWIS, Margaret E., born Nov. 7, 1820 - died Sept. 27, 1864. Note: Margaret E. Lewis was the second wife of Meriwether A. Lewis. She was also the widow of J. W. Jones and daughter of D. H. and E. Craig. Meriwether A. Lewis & Margaret E. Jones were married Nov. 27, 1856 in Limestone County, Alabama. She is buried near Lizzie A. Jones with one unmarked grave between them.
McINTOSH, Matilda, born in Virginia 1811 - died 1894.
MICHIE Sarah A., To the Memory of Sarah A., wife of Dr. W. J. Michie and daughter of Henry & Mary Hartman. born in Va. , on March 13, 1817, died in Tirana, Ala. January 5, 1837. (Place of birth illegible; No dates remaining, along with much of the other inscription gone)
MURRAY, Michael, In Memory of Michael Murray, born June 22nd, 1801, died August 7th, 1848.
6389/6390/unknown grave beside Michael Murray 6391
PICKETT, Mary Frances, In Memory of Mary Frances, wife of Steptoe Pickett & daughter of Francis E. & Mary McWard (born cir May 8, 1829) who died March 17, 1850, age 20 years, 10 months & 9 days.
6368/top section of her tombstone: 6370.
PICKETT, Frank, Only child. Aged 18 month, (buried beside or with his mother.)
ROWE, M.J., no other information, footstone M.J.R.
ROWE, Ann C., no other information.
TONEY, Adelaid, Daughter of H. & M. Toney born Jan 7, 1884 died Aug 21, 1885.
6434/footstone initialed:  A.L.T.: 6435
TONEY, Harris, (born cir Mar 25, 1872) died Sept. 22, 1872 aged 5 mo. & 28 days.
6430/6433/footstone H.T.: 6436
TONEY, Robert B., Son of H. & M. Toney, born Sept. 25, 1878, died Oct. 4, 1878.
TONEY, Cora B., Oct. 6, 1842 - April 3, 1913 Note: Cora B. Toney never married; was daughter of Caleb Sr. Margaret Toney.
TONEY, Caleb, 1848 - 1922 (This was Caleb, Jr.)
TONEY. John M., born abt 1845 died shortly after the war. Private, Co B, 9th Battalion, Georgia Artillery, Confederate States Army. (See census info here)
TONEY, Caleb, Beneath this tablet repose the mortal remains of Caleb Toney, born August 12th, 1799, died December 26th, 1847.
TONEY, Mary Ann, In Memory of Mary Ann, daughter of Caleb and Margaret Toney, born July 20th, 1838, died April 27th, 1841.
Note: A stone, near Caleb and Mary Ann, had fallen face down and was impossible to move because of its tremendous weight, therefore, we have no way of knowing who was buried there. The following inscription was on the back of the stone: "Think of her, speak of her not as departed, short is the distance that parts us today, round us about us, the brave and true-hearted, linger the deeds that have brightened her way". The stone was by J. S. Clark & Co., Lou. Ky. Note: Caleb Toney and Mary Miller were married October 9, 1837.
VEST, Margaret T., died April 1, 1853 aged 20 years 8 mo. & 22 days. She died as she lived, with faith in the gospel.
WARD, Francis Everett, Sacred to the memory of Francis Everett Ward who died who died July 20, 1836, age 38 years.
WARD, Martha Caroline, Daughter of Francis E & Mary M.G. Ward was born November 12th 1826, died Jul 19, 1833.

Unknown parts of monuments near the Hatton, Ward and Pickett tombstones. 6371
Unknown footstone no inscription - near the Rowe/Atkinson/Cosby lots:
Unknown fieldstones marking graves near the Kirby stone:
Unknown fragment of tombstone date "died Feb 9, 1869"
Unknown rock lined grave area no inscribed stones found

This cemetery plot is quite large, extremely well kept and only sparsely spotted with graves. It appears that the founders were looking ahead when they designated this large plot of ground for the cemetery, but the town died long before it was highly utilized. As is common in old graveyards graves in this cemetery appear in clusters with each family somewhat set apart from the others. It was not until later that cemeteries started by a layout survey which prevents the clusters.

The town of Triana was incorporated on November 13, 1819 and the city father were: Henry Chambers, Waddy Tate, William Adair, John T. Lindsay and Thomas Bibb. Oddly history associates these names more closely with Huntsville than Triana.

Triana is situated on the banks of the Tennessee River and was established as a port from which to ship the cotton produced by the fruitful plantations nearby.
When the railroad went through the area the planters started shipping their cotton by rail and the need for a port vanished. The bottom dropped out of the price of cotton in the 1840's and ruined many large planters. After the Civil War labor to work the fields became a problem and the town of Triana died. The town is now predominately black as is the general farming region.

Listings & Links developed by C. Wayne Austin 24 Jul 2013 using photos dated 22 Apr 2011 by C. Wayne Austin. This cemetery was shown in the book Madison County Cemeteries Vol 1 page 301 by the Dorothy Johnson.