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Mapping the Location

I recently visited this mapped place in attempting to find this cemetery and was disappointed to find nothing but a large open field with no sign of a cemetery. It appears not to be here anymore or possibly it was miss-mapped. It probably has been destroyed by the current owner who recently added giant irrigation equipment, because Google Maps show a recent massive land moving operation here. He evidently bulldozed the cemetery to clear the area for the equipment. The mapping I have shown under "Mapping the Location" shows no conclusion as to the location of the cemetery, but shows it in two places out in the giant field as shown in these two maps and next to the Pulaski Pike. I saw no evidence it was in either location. However, I did not get a good look, because of the idiot below.

When I went into the area to inquire for permission to seek the whereabouts of the cemetery a man bearing a large rifle confronted me and said to leave immediately, in spite of the fact that there is a law in Alabama allowing folks to visit a cemetery. Naturally this is about science and family history and not confrontations using firearms so I left. I will measure my efforts to see if I want to pursue any recourse on this matter given that all we want is to find the cemetery and photograph the stones. We can do that without leaving a footprint - that is not harming anyone's private property or crops. After all this cemetery deserves to survive for posterity.
Being the pleasant gentleman I am I just wanted out of there with no confrontaton involving this individual or the authorities because that waste my valuable time and theirs too, but I should warn others to not go on this property attempting to get permission to visit this cemetery as you could be hurt by an irate eccentric individual. Go there only with the authorities if you go.


Listings & Links developed by C. Wayne Austin 29 Jan 2013. This cemetery was not presented in the book Madison County Cemeteries by the Dorothy Johnson, 1989.